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“There’s nothing more powerful and beautiful than someone who chooses to be themselves.”

Sexual exploitation causes misery to millions of people across the world. While it’s mainly women and girls who are targeted in the sex industry, , people in the LGBTQ+ community are also disproportionately affected by sex trafficking.

There are various risk factors of sexual exploitation that are quite extensive, but things like poverty, political conflict, exposure to previous trauma, low self-confidence due to their sexuality, unwillingness of society to accept them are some of the most highlighted.

Poverty, for instance, increases an individual’s desperation of earning money, which is often manipulated by traffickers with promises of a better life. Political turmoil, and the environment of fear that comes with it can amplify an individual’s vulnerability to promises of safety and economic security by these selfish exploiters.

Prior trauma or lack of a support system due to their sexual orientation, lowers their self-esteem and demands an increased need for acceptance. All these vulnerabilities are recognised and preyed upon by traffickers.

In many countries, a disproportionate number of young homeless people identified as LGBTQ+, face rejection from their families as a result of their sexual preference. This becomes the reason for leaving home. Homeless LGBTQ+ people across the world are vulnerable to trafficking because they are often young, unprotected and have a homophobic family, who tells them to try and change or they’ll be abused or disowned by them. Unfortunately a lot of times, unacceptance by society can lead to mental health problems, self-harm and even suicidal thoughts.

Sexual preferences have historically been targeted because of negative social norms. Some people would call them sick, mentally ill, rapists, abominations, monsters, who don’t deserve to live, etc., and they will always prey on them because of their mere existence.

Therefore, there is a need to increase the levels of acceptance, protection, and equality across society for all people in the LGBTQ+ community. This would decrease the number of victims.

When you see or hear someone making a homophobic, transphobic, biphobic, enbyphobic, or queerphobic remark or joke, it’s imperative to explain them why it’s not offensive .Donate to non-profit organisations that are supporting LGBTQ rights and provide LGBTQ support services. You can help the community by learning about how LGBTQI people are oppressed every day. Read news and articles on harassments , firings, homelessness, murders, police abuse, and the exclusion from support services, Let all of us together raise our voice against exploitation of LGBTQ community.

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