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New Year Resolution 2022 – Look for Solutions: A Short Story



By Ashrita Mulchandani

Once upon a time, deep in the Amazon rainforest, all the animals lived happily together, until a big ferocious tiger came there and started eating all the animals one by one.

The Fox stated his concern, “Friends, I am worried that our next generation is in danger till the time this tiger is here.” Panda agreed, “Yes, if this continues, one day the jungle will be empty and there will be an imbalance in mother-nature.”

The deer exclaimed, “Friends! Remember our grandma’s story? It is just like that.” To this, the rabbit quickly replied, “Yes! Yes! I remember it very clearly. They had once gone one by one to the tiger’s den. So, it was easier for the tiger to kill them. He had killed so many members of our family. We were lucky at that time that we managed to escape from the claws of that heartless beast unharmed.”

Giraffe reminded everyone about Grandma Croc Odoo, who was responsible for their escape from the tiger and suggested going to her for advice. Everyone agreed and left for grandma Croc Odoo’s pond.

As they reached, the monkey splashed in the water to wake up Grandma from her slumber. She opened her eyes lazily and smiled widely, “Oh look! My children have come to visit me. But, why are you all looking so unhappy? You know very well that tears are only for crocodiles!” She smirked.

Elephant said glumly, “We have a situation and we are looking for a solution.” Grandma laughed and said, “You are a poet! Do you even know it? The elephant giggled but it soon turned into a frown when the peacock mentioned about the tiger and his evil killings. All the animals were well aware that grandma loved solving mysteries and finding solutions to difficult problems. Grandma exclaimed, “What happened? Tell me quickly!”

Fox cried, “Grandma, remember, you had told us about the tiger, who ate so many of our ancestors- he has come here too!”

Monkey questioned, looking tense, “Will we have to run away from here too?” Grandma thought for a moment and remarked, “I don’t think running away is the right solution. We must face our problems bravely.”

Peacock demanded a response on why they ran away earlier and not faced the problem back then. To this grandma stated, “We had less animals left and our leader wanted to save our generation so that we don’t die. We could not question the leader. So, we had to escape. And, at that time, it was the right thing to do.” “But we don’t know what to do!!” sighed the rabbit. Grandma then gave a stupendous idea.

According to the plan, the animals were to go together to the tiger’s den. The tiger growled happily as he drooled looking at all of them, “Is it my lucky day or what? I think, yes!!”

The monkey quickly retorted, “Excuse me, your majesty! We are not here to be your food. We just came to ask you if you wanted a magical power?” The tiger became curious, “Magical Power? What is that?”

Seeing the opportunity, the fox gave a clever reply, “It allows you to control your age.”

The tiger exclaimed, “I am getting old! I do need some of that power!” He commanded them to take him to the place where the power was.

The animals guided him to their well-guarded secret waterhole – grandma crocodoo’s pond. She had disguised herself in the kelp so that she could not be seen from outside.  

The animals then asked the tiger to bathe in the magical pond.

The tiger gladly walked towards it in his majestic style, making evil plans in his head about what all will he do when he becomes younger. He dreamt of having hearty meals everyday, looking at the animals from the corner of his eyes and deciding which one he would eat first. “Aah, the rabbit looks nice and soft! My old teeth will not mind biting into him! Oh! Now I don’t need to worry about old teeth. They will also become young and strong like my bones and muscles”, he thought as he walked.

As soon as he stepped into the pond, grandma pounced on the tiger and gobbled him up. This was the end of the tiger and once again, there was peace and harmony in the jungle.

Moral of the story: Always look for a solution to your problems.