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‘My son’s online Math classes made him an abacus champ’

Ms. Sheetal Dewan, Director at Aditya Motors, shares how her son bagged the first position at a Junior-level competition



Eight years old Ranbir Dewan is a student at Apeejay Svran Global School in Faridabad, Sector 21-D. During Covid-19, his mother, Ms. Sheetal Dewan, began looking after the family-run business from home. The change was made to ensure Ranbir’s steady educational progress. Little did she know that soon she will find in him an abacus champion. How did it all begin? Read on edited excerpts of the interview: 

How was Ranbir introduced to Abacus?

Interestingly enough, it was during Covid-19. I used to sit through his classes to ensure that he is doing well at studies. At that time, I noticed that he was keen to solve mathematical sums quickly. Not only that, he was quite accurate at it. So, I got the idea to make him learn Abacus.

Tell us more about his recent achievement.

He started at the calculating tool a few months ago from an academy near to our residence in Faridabad. This is his first achievement. At present, he has completed Level-2.

Is he keen about other co-curricular activities?

Yes. Ranbir is highly-spirited and loves to create new things. In addition to this, he is quite sporty. Currently, he is learning both cricket and lawn tennis. He loves to dance as well.

How has the school supported his endeavours?

Ranbir has been an Apeejayite since kindergarten. It is quite evident that his growth wouldn’t have been possible without his school. His teachers know him well and they have guided us from time to time. Collectively, we have been able to turn his enthusiasm into learning opportunities. And, at no point, I felt that I was alone in it.

Apeejay teachers are well-equipped to not only cater to students but their parents’ expectations too. They have seamlessly handled him during the pandemic. To be honest, it is easy to make a child sit in front of a device to play games but very difficult to make them learn his lessons. I would like to add that the school has a hearing ear. They understand parents and try to solve their issues to the best of their ability. In academics, the school covers topics for a good amount of time to make children thorough learners. Through Ranbir, I am also refreshing some concepts.

What is up next for Ranbir?

He is preparing for some upcoming cricket and lawn tennis matches in the school.

Is he planning to participate in another Abacus championship?

Yes. He is going to start the next level in Abacus early February onwards. For the next three months, he will have to work hard at it. Until now, he was using some abacus tools to perform the mathematical calculations. But the next phase will be without it and the difficulty will increase. 

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