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My experience with online learning in the pandemic 



By Vidya Purbey

Education plays a vital role in our lives. Without it, people cannot achieve success. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, everything moved online. We have adopted an online mode of learning and schools, colleges, universities, etc have been physically shut. Despite all this, the teachers and professors across the world didn’t give up on providing quality education to their students.

My experience with online learning has been great because I could get a lot of help from them. I couldn’t imagine that I could get such detailed information at my fingertips. The classes were really fun to attend. My schoolwork and homework were shared both on our official WhatsApp group and in the online classes.My school also created student accounts for our Apeejay E-Course Learning website where we could upload all our worksheets, homework, activities, projects, etc. Even our mock tests, quizzes, and exams were in the form of MCQs. I had a wonderful experience while studying online, all thanks to Apeejay, my school. 

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