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Master the art of self-love



By Tav Prasad Kaur

In the present scenario almost everyone wants to gain recognition and adoration, no matter what it takes to reach the ultimate goal of becoming famous. And social media platforms are playing a vital role in letting people the way they wish to look, say on Instagram, while serving them with the slice they want.

In this rush, what we are losing is our own selves. And this is sinking some of us into depression. This extensive socialising culture is driving everyone to leave their best impression, hiding their flaws and insecurities, as well as putting those into the unacceptable category for the sake of fame and appealing lifestyle.

But a time comes in everyone’s life when all these harsh realities collectively attack their morale and the only way they see is ending their lives. Getting suicidal thoughts isn’t a new trend, but it is definitely scaling upwards and has paved its way into the lives of maximum teenagers, not just teenagers though!

 At the times of such lows what we are really looking forward to is for a person to hold our hand and not just ensure things will fall into place, but to make it happen. As soon as your heart falls into the vicious circle of expectations, there is only pain ahead of you. Remember, 97% of the people will connect to you for their needs to be fulfilled post that, all you have is yourself!

So, why not love yourself first? This concept of self-acceptance and self-love has definitely driven up the game of self-healing. But most of us are not even comfortable sitting with ourselves, let’s just admit that. We somewhere down the line are always looking for ways to run away from our inner-self, no matter by socialising, or just simply distracting ourselves by binge-watching all day, so that we don’t feel the pain that’s embedded in our hearts. But that is not how it should be. Getting comfortable with oneself is extremely important in order to lead a healthy and happy life.

Here is my message to all you beautiful souls reading this:

“Love yourself more with every passing moment. Console your soul for flaws it’s been holding and mistakes it’s been committing. We are meant to commit mistakes, we are flawed and it’s not a parameter of judgment for hatred. Flaws need to be accepted and dealt with. It’s all about the self-first. A broken soul cannot fix the other broken soul. Fix yourself and finally, you’ll be raised, empowered and strengthened enough to enlighten someone else’s life.”

Love and Light to all you exquisite humans!

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