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Is it crucial for study abroad aspirants to ace all fields?

A freshman from Michigan State University in United States, shares key insights



Shreyas Sajith, an alumnus of Apeejay School, Mahavir Marg, is pursuing a course in Computer Science in the United States. In an interview, he discusses his study abroad plan, why he chose Michigan State University and how his life has changed in a new country. Read on edited excerpts from the interview:

Please tell us about your educational background. 

I started my primary schooling at Symbiosis, Nashik in Maharashtra. Then, I moved to Bangalore. I switched from Euro School to Deens Academy to Vydehi until grade 10 Board examinations. As the Covid-19 pandemic hit, I moved to Jalandhar (my hometown) and enrolled in Apeejay School, Mahavir Marg. After completing my schooling from there, I studied for 2 months prior to the Scholastic Assessment Test and gave the exam. Then, I applied to Michigan State University and I am currently a freshman there.

How and when did you decide to study abroad?

At first, I took the Joint Entrance Examinations (JEE) because I really wanted to become an engineer. But halfway through grade 11, I didn’t want to suffer the stress of studying for these papers. Moreover, offline studying wasn’t an option at that time. So, I researched colleges abroad and decided to pursue my undergrad in the States, majoring in Computer Science. I then applied to over 14 colleges and finally chose Michigan State University.

As a freshman, what are the challenges you are facing in a new country?

It is hard to adapt to the culture and practices here. At first, I thought making friends would be difficult but that is not the case. I have made really good friends who are natives of the States and from other different countries as well. The food in the States is comparatively more in calories, so, I am being mindful about it.

How has your life changed from India to the States? 

India is home, therefore, I feel more comfortable there. After coming to the States, I have had many new and different experiences. Being in a foreign state means that one must be the best version of themselves. So, I am becoming more and more conscious about my thoughts and actions in order to mingle with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

For those aspiring to study abroad, your tips? 

Studying in an international university is expensive. So, keep that in mind. To make education abroad worth it, you must be careful about the resources involved. Change your mindset and stay goal-oriented. I advise that one should enjoy the journey and have fun but not at the cost of their future.

Your fond memories of Apeejay School, Mahavir Marg? What life lessons did you pick?

I enjoyed my time in the school. My classmates, teachers and even Principal Sir were extremely kind and friendly. Once, I was traveling to the exam centre and everyone cracked jokes to make each other feel happy despite the exam tension. Apeejay has taught me how everyone must be treated with love and affection and I carry these values within me every day.  

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