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Involve youth today to create the India of tomorrow



By Prateek Rout

Patriotism is devotion and vigorous support to one’s country. A man cannot live without it. It is a man’s greatest inheritance. To love his soil, culture and country, is his birth right.

The ones who nurture the nation and have the fire of passion within are called ‘patriots.’ Every nation needs patriots for its progress, prosperity and economic growth. The feeling of patriotism creates oneness among the citizens of any country, whether it is a man or a woman, rich or poor, old or young individual.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, India felt the need to have more such patriots. As there were tales of misery from everywhere, true patriots continued to work towards the health and betterment of the country. The youth, especially, had the energy and spirit to drive us out of a crisis such as this.

As I mention youth, I am not talking about those who envision for a change in our society. There are many who aspire to join the armed forces, and others take part in public welfare programmes, create employment opportunities for people and do many more things.

In my view, a patriot should be like a candle that consumes itself to light the way of others. And the young people can be true critics of the country as well but they must help in the growth of the country. As it is said, ‘Give your critics shelter in your courtyard and listen to the criticism without annoyance. Because the critic is not your enemy, he is helping you to clean the rubbish from your life without soap and water.’

This is the only way an ideal society can be built. I would rather say that patriotism has been twisted and turned by many. It has nothing to do with loud slogans anymore.

Social media has become the most powerful weapon today for the youth. And so, we must use it as a tool to speak up against wrongdoings and support the correct causes. We can even start organising fundraisers and help those in need.

Young minds should start working in groups, take part in RWA meetings and understand the problems prevailing in the society. They can think of innovative ideas to solve huge problems.

If we are able to achieve this, then we will have over 1.39 billion active patriots working for the nation. As a result, the world would become a better place to live in.

But, at the moment, this is just a vision. It could be a reality if the youths feel encouraged by their parents, teachers and guardians. To conclude, I would quote: