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India will offer all kinds of educational institutions: Dharmendra Pradhan



Minister for Education, Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Dharmendra Pradhan has recently said that the country will provide all kinds of educational institutions, public, private and foreign. Regulatory curbs will not hinder any of them but monopolies will not be allowed.

Speaking at a session in the Business Today summit, he stated, “It is the state’s responsibility to create a level playing field.” He added that the recommendation of the government’s National Education Policy (NEP) rolled out in 2020.

 “We are inviting all foreign universities to our country with Indian regulations and curriculum. Certain minimum regulations will be there, but we are open and want to
de-bottleneck our education system. Nobody’s monopoly should be there,” he said in response to a query on regulatory curbs hindering foreign institutions from diversifying in India.

He further emphasised, “One hundred and thirty million students are in the marketplace without any formal education or skilling. If they are skilled, capacitated and given knowledge, their productivity will increase.”