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‘In Apeejay, teachers are available 24×7 to allay students’ doubts’

Rimika Gupta, mother of Dhvani Gupta and Dhairya Gupta, students of Apeejay School, Model Town, says the teachers went the extra mile to ensure zero learning loss during the pandemic



Rimika Gupta with her spouse Pawan Kumar and children Dhvani Gupta and Dhairya Gupta

Rimika is a homemaker and her spouse Pawan Kumar runs a copper wire manufacturing business in Jalandhar. They are proud parents of Dhvani and Dhairya. The former is in class 7 while the latter is in class 4. In a candid interview, Rimika highlighted the role of Apeejay Model Town in honing the all-round skills of her children.

What made you pick Apeejay?

I studied in one of the top schools of Chandigarh so I always wanted my children to receive the best education possible. Keeping this objective in mind, I began searching for the best co-ed school in Jalandhar. A lot of people from my circle of friends recommended Apeejay. However, what cemented my resolve to go with Apeejay was the favourable impression created by its students on me. When I interacted with the students of Apeejay, they came across as smart, articulate speakers and knew how to carry themselves with confidence. When I visited the school I was mighty impressed with the Principal, staff and the school infrastructure. The admission process was also transparent.

What’s the progress you have seen in your children over the years?

I am overjoyed with the holistic development of my children. The credit for it goes to all the teachers. Being good in academics is welcome, but what sets a child apart is his/her all-round skills. Dhvani is the Vice-Head Girl of the school and she, like Dhairya, has solid public speaking skills and is comfortable around people. The school must also be lauded for giving huge emphasis on moral values. Students are taught to empathise with the poor and needy and not to be rude to others. Moreover, students are encouraged to adopt a positive mindset and also develop the resilience to cope with challenges.

A lot of parents are stressing on the all-round development of their children. Why is it so?

I believe now, more than ever, our children need guidance. There’s too much distraction around them that can lead them astray. It’s critical to instil moral values in kids early on. Imparting life skills in our children will make the transition to adulthood more natural and smoother. Communication skills form an important part of life skills, as it helps students to speak clearly and assertively, while respecting other people’s opinions. I am glad the focus of Apeejay is on essential life skills to help your child succeed.

Tell us about the teachers.

Apeejay has a set of wonderful teachers. The staff is extremely helpful and courteous. During the pandemic, the teachers went the extra mile to ensure that learning is not compromised. As a result, the online classes have been glitch-free for nearly two years now. The effort that has been put in to ensure that everyone in the class remains attentive and is learning what’s being taught is outstanding. Teachers should also be appreciated for being available 24×7 to allay doubts of students.

Share with us your most memorable moment.

I was exhilarated when Dhvani was appointed as the Vice-Head Girl of the school this year. It was a big moment for Dhvani as well. Such leadership roles help prepare students for future success.

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