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‘There’s never a dull moment in online classes at Apeejay’

Deepika Bal, mother of Kunwar Yuvraj Singh Bal and Kunwar Khushraj Singh, students of Apeejay schools, said during the pandemic the focus of the teachers was on extracurricular activities and keeping children engaged.



Deepika with her husband Taranjit Singh Bal and children Kunwar Yuvraj Singh Bal and Kunwar Khushraj Singh

Deepika is a teacher with a government school while her husband Taranjit Singh Bal is an advocate at District Session Court, Jalandhar. They are proud parents of Kunwar Yuvraj Singh Bal, a class 11 student of Apeejay Mahavir Marg and Kunwar Khushraj Singh, a class 6 student of Apeejay Model Town. In a candid interview, Deepika dissects the progress made by her sons over the years. Edited excerpts:

Why did you pick Apeejay?

My family has a long association with Apeejay. My mother was among the first batch of students to graduate from the Apeejay College of Fine Arts, Jalandhar whereas my two brothers are alumni of Apeejay School Mahavir Marg. Also, when I sought the advice of my friends, they all had positive things to say about the school. It was an easy and quick decision to go with Apeejay. Talking about the admission process, it was transparent and merit-based.

Elaborate on the progress made by your children.

I am elated with the all-round progress made by my sons. What I like most about Apeejay is the special emphasis given to extracurricular activities. Result-oriented education is a crucial tool to equip students with knowledge, but equally important are extracurricular activities that inculcate real world skills in children and enhance their personalities. Both my sons are swimmers and have participated at district-level competitions. My elder son is a prolific public speaker and excellent in academics. He recently bagged the best NCC cadet award. My younger son too has won numerous awards in dancing and sports competitions.

Tell us about the teachers. Are they good?

The teachers leave no stone unturned to bring the best out in students. During the pandemic, they ensured that there’s never a dull moment in online classes. Apart from academics, the special focus of the teachers was on extracurricular activities and keeping children engaged. The school organised all sorts of contests and competitions to keep the spirits of students high during lockdown. What’s commendable is that the teachers know about each student in detail. I would like to specially appreciate the efforts of Ms. Namrata Sharma, Headmistress, Apeejay School, Model Town. Whenever I have visited the school I have always found Ms. Namrata inspecting the school and enquiring about the issues faced by students. The school principal, Ms. Sinia Sajith is also a hands-on person. Even Mr. Girish Kumar, Principal, Apeejay School, Mahavir Marg, Jalandhar takes active interest in the holistic development of children. For working parents, it’s a huge sigh of relief to know that their children are in safe hands.

Share with us your most memorable moment pertaining to your children or school?

Kunwar Khushraj was in Apeejay Rhythms, Model Town when I had to go out of town for 3 months to complete my National Cadet Corps (NCC) training. In fact, he was among the first batch of students to be enrolled in Apeejay Rhythms. During my absence, Ms. Sarika Khosla, former headmistress of Apeejay Rhythms, took utmost care of my son. She ensured that my little one faced no issue whatsoever. I returned back to the town on Mother’s Day and I straightway went to the school from the station. In the school, I found my son performing on stage. It was such a proud and emotional moment for me. Kunwar Khushraj too was on cloud nine when he spotted me in the crowd. I can’t thank Sarika Ma’am enough for taking special care of my son in my absence. I was also elated when Kunwar Khushraj stood second in the Inter School dance competition and when he was twice elected in the Prefectorial Board.

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