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‘In Apeejay, online classes are transparent, efficient and glitch-free’

Srujanika Pradhan and Sandip Bhoi, parents of Apeejay Nerul class 5 student Sanvi, laud the teachers for making online learning engaging and informative.



Srujanika is a former HR consultant and present-day homemaker. Her husband Sandip is Systems Manager with the State Bank of India, Belapur, Navi Mumbai. Their 10-year-old daughter, Sanvi Bhoi, has been studying in Apeejay School – Nerul since nursery. In an informal chat, the duo explains how Sanvi made rapid strides over the years.

Why did you pick Apeejay for your daughter?

Srujanika: We had heard a lot of good things about the school. Its brilliant academic record speaks for itself. In fact, Apeejay was our first and only choice so we were a little apprehensive as to whether Sanvi will bag the admission or not. Thankfully, the admission process went like a breeze. Sanvi was really comfortable during the solo interview round as the teachers were extremely polite and encouraging. When the final list came out we were thrilled to see her name on it.

Sandip: A lot of children from our colony are enrolled with Apeejay and we were impressed with their progress. Their parents too reiterated the fact that ‘you can’t get a better option than Apeejay.’  Our house is also conveniently located near the school.

You have been associated with school for seven years now. Please elaborate on the progress made by Sanvi?

Srujanika: Sanvi is the Head Girl of the primary school and she has won the handwriting competition 5 times in a row. She is also an excellent dancer and her forte is Classical and Freestyle. Last year, during the annual function, she gave an electrifying dance performance celebrating Lord Ganesha. Her picture came out in a leading newspaper. She is also a confident public speaker and participates in every English Declamation competition. Sanvi also hosts various competitions. I believe teachers have played a huge role in encouraging her to freely express herself in every domain. Though, it’s not as if they pay attention to the select few, teachers try their best to bring out the best in every student.

Sandip: The teachers give personal attention to each student. They bring to light their strengths and mend their weaknesses while focusing on the overall development. I like how Sanvi is more than eager to perform on stage. I have never seen her hesitate before an audience.

Managing students in online classes is not easy. Tell us how teachers have handled this phase?

Srujanika: Even during the pandemic teachers are imparting lessons with the same dedication and sincerity as they did when physical classes were going on. Their focus is on each student. They ask every student roll number-wise to show their notes during the classes and this keeps everyone on their toes. Students can’t take classes lightly. The online learning platform, Moodle, allows students to easily access notes given by teachers and submit their homework. Parents too can go through the study material and the lesson that will be taught in the future. Everything is transparent, efficient and glitch-free. To sum it up, teachers have made online learning engaging and informative.

Sandip: Initially, I was a bit concerned as to how the online classes will pan out. However, the classes are going on without a hitch. The teaching is so good that we rarely sit with Sanvi to help her in studies or exams.

Share with us your most memorable school moment.

Srujanika: It was indeed a proud moment for us when Sanvi was made the Head Girl of the primary school. She received huge appreciation from her teachers.

Sandip: I have many memorable moments. It’s difficult to list one (laughs). I was on cloud nine when she got enrolled with Apeejay and felt thrilled every time she performed on stage.

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