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‘In Apeejay, kids have flourished during remote learning’

Ritu Malhotra, a chartered accountant and mother of Apeejay Pitampura KG student Yuvaan, said the school proactively designed and integrated diverse online activities to provide a wholesome learning experience.



Ritu Malhotra with her spouse Varun Malhotra and son Yuvaan

Both Ritu and her spouse, Varun Malhotra, are Chartered Accountants. While Ritu does private practice, Varus is working with JSW Steel Ltd. Faridabad. In a candid chat, Ritu explains how the school helped her 5-year-old shine in all aspects of learning. Edited excerpts:

Parents do thorough research while selecting the best school for their child? Tell us what made you pick Apeejay?

Though there are some good schools in my locality, Apeejay is a cut above the rest. Whenever you hear the name of Apeejay, the one word that pops in your mind is ‘Wow’. The group enjoys enormous goodwill among the parent community as it is known for delivering quality education. I am glad Yuvaan managed to secure admission in Apeejay. Talking about the admission process, it was hassle-free.

Has the school managed to live up to your expectations?

Absolutely! Though initially we were a bit worried as due to Covid the school went offline before the new session could even begin. I had a word with other parents and they too were anxious as to how online education will pan out. Kudos to all the teachers for not letting the pandemic hamper the growth of children. The effort that they have put in is commendable. The school curriculum is fantastic and technology is integrated in a way that enhances the learning experience of students. Moreover the emphasis is not just on academics, but on Arts and Crafts, flameless cooking, aerobics, exercise sessions and other stimulating activities to ensure that the kids thrive during remote learning. The biggest improvement I see in Yuvaan over the last one year is that his reading skills have improved tremendously. We all know how important it is to inculcate reading habits in children at a young age.

According to you, what do parents expect from schools?

The first thing that parents expect from school is holistic development of their children. As each child is unique, allowing children to learn at their own pace is important. Also, parents nowadays give huge emphasis to social skills. Children who have social skills can communicate clearly and calmly. They show consideration for the feelings of their peers. Moral Values must also form a necessary part of the curriculum. At the end of the day, you want your kid to have high self-esteem. I am happy that apart from academics Apeejay gives special attention to non-academic skills.

Tell us how the teachers have kept the students’ engaged during online learning?

They keep an eagle eye on each student. Whenever a student seems distracted, they get them to speak more during online classes. It’s not easy to cement a bond with 5-year-olds whom you have not met personally. However, Apeejay teachers have proved that with a well-intentioned and honest approach strong ties can be built virtually also. That’s why students share all the little things with their teachers.

Share with us your most memorable moments?

Yuvaan took part in numerous competitions and played different characters. He had dressed up as a strawberry, a pirate, King Dasharatha, etc. I found him adorable in all the avatars.  

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