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Implementing Advertising Strategies, By Avinash Narula: A BOOK REVIEW



By: Stuti Gupta

“Highest possible creative and production quality at optimum cost”, with this mantra, Narula has crafted and compiled his book titled, ‘Implementing advertising strategies’, which gives you an insight into the world of advertising. It instils in you a reformed approach to advertising while honing your existing skills.

From covering every aspect of the art, ensuring repeatability of his teachings in the book, the author has maintained a high relevancy factor of his skills with the nits and grits of
advertising flawlessly. It is the way the book has been written to its every element of design.

The book speaks its purpose to the readers in multiple layers. The font, style, and wise use of particular colours on different pages represent the tone and illustrate the importance of
these often overlooked or underestimated specifications.

Further, Narula has managed to bust common myths amongst people who become a part of
the advertising industry along with preachings, which have worked so far in his experience
with the industry in the written text of the book. The book majorly elaborates on how to
rightly approach advertising for the production by hitting the target audience, at right notes
under an optimum budget.

The approach of explaining the craft and imparting his knowledge to the readers of his book
reflects his expertise and compiles a great reference for this willingness to excel in the
advertising industry.

It is a book that is recommended for those looking to gain a good understanding of the
world of advertising and developing proficiency in the skills of advertising.