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‘I want my child to gain the same moral values I benefited from during my years in Apeejay’

Rakshit Monga, parent of Apeejay Rhythms Kinderworld student Aayan, loves the ‘heart-warming’ events that the school hosts to bring parents and students together



Apeejay alumnus Rakshit Monga is a successful businessman engaged in the chemical manufacturing industry and proud father of Apeejay School Rhythms Kinderworld Nursery student Aayan Monga. In an interview he shares his reasons for continuing the educational legacy, his experience of online classes and his child’s progress since joining the school. Edited excerpts:

Why did you choose Apeejay Rhythms Kinderworld over other schools for your child’s admission?

I was myself an Apeejay student. I studied in Apeejay Model Town till class 5 and then joined Apeejay Mahavir Marg. The moral values that I gained while studying in the school, I would like my child to gain them as well. I am very inspired by our Founder-Chairman Dr Stya Paul Ji. He was a very patriotic man. The education system he formulated and implemented is simply spectacular because it is so student-friendly. Teachers are like parents to the students. At Apeejay, value based education is imparted rather than old systems in which students were scolded to ensure discipline.

Please tell us about your child and take us through his progress?

Aayan is a very talkative at home but once outside he becomes very shy. He is very sweet with friends, he would never raise a hand at anybody or create a problem for others. Before he joined school, he didn’t speak much. He used to hide whenever a relative came home. But ever since joining school, especially during the online classes, he has become more expressive. He mixes up with people. Now he greets the guests and even shows his toys to them. After school, he is excited to tell us about his friends. He is very fond of his teacher Vasudha Ma’am. She teaches him English and Maths. He participates in all the school activities. He is very comfortable with Maths. He is also very fond of poems and rhymes. He likes to sing the rhymes. In sports, he likes to play football and badminton. He prefers outdoor activities over video games and mobile phones.

Are the teachers engaging well with the students?

Yes. I have attended a few school events by now. I have met Aayan’s friends and their parents as well. It has been six months in the school and we have already attended four big events. It has been a great experience.

His teachers are very friendly and approachable. All the teachers tell us that Aayan is very well-behaved and disciplined at school. 

What is the best thing about the school?

The best thing about the school are the teachers. They are very friendly and are mother-like figures to the students. The way they interact with the child is very heart-warming. I am very happy with the faculty of the school. The functions they organise are also equally heart-warming.  The recently organised ‘Dad and Me’ event had a great concept. A child and dad would normally never celebrate such an event in their life. That event was very well-organised. Every dad got a chance to perform with their child on the stage. I am very grateful to Apeejay Rhythms Kinderworld for hosting such events.

What is your perception of the online classes?

The online mode is helpful in teaching students in adverse circumstances such as a pandemic. But online classes also have some limitations. Till now Ayaan was not writing or eating his food properly. But since the offline classes began, upon observing his friends his eating and writing habits have improved. But the best part about online classes was that we were in constant touch with the teachers regarding academics. There was an equal effort from both parents and teachers for the growth of the child.  Software such as Zoom and Moodle were provided to parents for submitting assignments. Overall, it was a nice experience. 

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