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‘I didn’t have to think twice before enrolling my younger son at Apeejay School, Saket’

Manju Bisht, mother of Devansh and Medhansh, says the school integrates parents’ requirements very well



Last year when Ms. Manju Bisht, a finance professional working with a multi-national company, Clarivate, was looking to enrol her younger son, Devansh in a nursery school, she applied to Apeejay School, Saket. When asked why she chose that school for her son, she cheerfully says, “It is a wonderful school with wonderful staff!” In an interview, Ms. Bisht talks about how her husband, Mr. Pankaj Bisht, an IT professional with NDTV news channel and she zeroed down on Apeejay for both their sons. Edited excerpts:

How did Apeejay, Saket become your top choice?

My elder son, Medhansh is a student of class 2 at the school. I remember when we enrolled him to the school somewhere in 2018, the process went seamlessly. Also, he is doing very well academically and seeing his growth, I’ve decided to enrol my younger son, Devansh, to the school as well. Devansh is studying in the Nursery class, and we are blessed that both our sons got shortlisted for this school.

The mode of admission for both may have been different. Did you face any challenges enrolling your younger son through the online mode?

Yes, it was surely different. However, both the processes went smoothly. Despite having one child already in the school, the management made sure to do everything through a procedure, without any bias. We were already familiar with their rules and guidelines, and so we didn’t face any difficulties. The school took note of every requirement of a parent and ensured that they are comfortable.

Do you think that the school has a unique approach?

Yes, and therefore, despite changing our residence recently, we didn’t change our sons’ school because teachers here do everything in a very transparent manner. I would like to say that teachers at Apeejay School, Saket give equal opportunity to each and every child and they encourage participation from all students. This is extremely vital because it allows children to move past their hesitation and inhibitions. It would be a proud moment for me if my sons get an opportunity to be at one of the Apeejay colleges as well.

How has your experience of online classes been as a parent?

Well, we as parents, have to take this change in teaching-learning positively. Naturally, since the pandemic, we have become all the more careful about our children’s safety and we wish for their well-being. Covid-19 has limited us to our homes but online classes have their own set of pros. During online classes, you can view your child’s development closely and also be privy so as to how teachers are putting so much effort in making your child learn. I, therefore, think it is great!

How did your younger son, Devansh, manage with the online classes in Nursery?

Initially, I was very nervous about what he would do. But with a few initial trial classes, teachers made everything seem very easy for him. My son picked up new things quickly, and now he is doing wonderful! Teachers are always available to take our queries, and under their guidance I am assured that Devansh is in good hands.

As working parents, were you able to manage your children’s classes easily during the pandemic?

There are often times when working parents find it difficult trying to ace it all. However, both of us were able to manage the classes well, thanks to the support from the teachers and school staff. Since working parents don’t get to spend so much time in a day with their children, four of us became all the more close in the pandemic. This was a chance to develop deeper bonds at home. With a mother, children are usually close but this has been a great time for father-son bonding in our home.  

Would you be keen to send both your children back to school as they re-open?

Absolutely, I will. My sons are in the crucial years of their development and having them back at the school would be great.

What would be your final words of advice for fellow parents?

I would like to say that parents must work collaboratively with the school to lay the foundation of their child. Children being children, would of course be mischievous, and so all of us must give them the space to be.  

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