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‘I aspire to imbibe the spirit of leadership and societal welfare from Dr Stya Paul’s Iife’

How Sanchi Saxena, a class 8 student and Dr Stya Paul award winner from Apeejay School International, Greater Noida, helped a homeless woman find shelter



On the morning of International Women’s Day: 8th March 2016, Sanchi Saxena, a 13-year-old student of Apeejay School International, Greater Noida was reading the newspaper when she came across the headline – ‘International Women’s Day… and sons pushed their mother out of her home.’

Startled, Sanchi could not get her mind off the news article. She resolved to find the whereabouts of the homeless woman to help her. It was only a matter of time until Sanchi and her parents located her and gave her shelter in a house in Hapur District which is owned by the family. Currently, the woman resides in a safe home.  

Spirited and strong-willed, Sanchi Saxena was awarded the prestigious Dr. Stya Paul Award at her school in 2021, an honour bestowed on Apeejay students for displaying human values. The recognition borrows from the life journey of Dr. Stya Paul, the late Founder-Chairman of Apeejay Education, an eminent educationist, industrialist and entrepreneur. In an interview, Sanchi talks about her aspiration to improve the quality of living of the less fortunate members in society. Edited excerpts:  

How do you wish to bring a change in society?

My mother is a teacher and my father works at a private company. Both of them have encouraged me to build and develop a strong academic foundation and have nurtured the spirit of goodwill towards society in me. It is my endeavour to contribute and do small things to help those around us, so, each year, we as a family take up 3-4 major initiatives to help people.

What other kinds of initiatives have you been part of?  

In 2021, I along with my family set up water tanks for those having trouble accessing drinking water on a daily basis. We installed tanks in different places, such as near temples, residences etc. As the winter season commenced, we also distributed blankets to those in need, so they could survive the biting cold weather of Delhi and NCR.

What values do you swear by each day of your life?

I attempt to be disciplined when it comes to my studies and routine. At school, I ensure to be humble, maintain integrity and responsibility and always speak truth. I seek to help my friends and classmates.

How has Apeejay aided your growth?

My school Principal, Ms. Sarita Pande Ma’am and my teachers have always motivated me. As I was awarded the Dr. Stya Paul recognition, I aspire to imbibe the quality of leadership from the Founder-Chairman’s life. His journey is an inspiration for us because he never let challenges hold him back. He worked hard and continued to pursue his goals, despite all.  

What would be your future aspiration?

I want to become an IAS officer when I grow up so I could help improve people’s quality of life.  

To collaborate with Sanchi for social welfare initiatives, you can reach her at: Manya Helping Hand

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