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Talent Treasure

‘Her apprehensive self’: Poem by Tanishka Goyal, Apeejay School, Noida

This poem narrates the feelings of a female warrior who is soon going to step into a male-dominated battlefront



Sitting under the starry night sky

Gazing at the twinkling stars

Out of the blue, she questioned her worth

Wondered if she was gallant enough

For that male-dominated front

If she was knightley much to keep up

With those brothers in arms of hers

Sewing and stitching were never her friends

But not even for once

She will let her guard down in the battlefront

From the weapons shining with her efforts

To the well-practiced battle tactics

Each thing was keen for the war

The only thing that wasn’t, was

Her apprehensive self

The voice screaming in her head

Defaming her as worthless

The voice was loud enough

To make her head a complete mess

And yet was never heard by anyone.

Class: 10-F