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Govt pushes for Digital University to promote education and skill development



The Government of India is in the process of setting up a Digital University to enhance education and skill development, Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has said.

“NEP 2020 envisions skill and education as one. We are coming up with Digital University with multiple entry and exit frameworks along with an academic bank of credit to facilitate our workforce. The industry needs to adopt these policy reforms and flexible frameworks,” he added.

Highlighting the advantages of India in the next 25 years, Mr. Pradhan noted that there is no other nation in the world that has such a huge captive, aspirational and high purchasing capacity. India’s domestic fundamentals are very strong and despite COVID, the Indian economy maintained 7-8 per cent growth rate and is moving towards double digit growth.”

Therefore, there is a need for leveraging skills to boost employability, reap demographic dividend and make our skills ecosystem more vibrant.

“For India to be more productive and robust, we must make our workforce more educated & skilled. The simplification of labour codes and apprenticeship acts has added more vibrancy to our workforce. We are bringing in more reforms to make our workforce more productive,” emphasised the minister.