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Google launches AI search tool for India in English, Hindi



In a bid to enhance the natural and user-friendly search encounter tailored for India, Google is incorporating generative AI into its search functionalities. This initiative, known as the Search Generative Experience (SGE), is being introduced as an optional experiment through Search Labs. This innovative feature is accessible in both English and Hindi languages.

Initially unveiled during the Google for India event in December of the preceding year, Google aims to refine the user experience further. As a part of this, individuals can seamlessly transition between English and Hindi search results by simply tapping a language toggle button. Additionally, users will have the convenience of utilising Text-To-Speech functionality to listen to responses, accessible through the ‘Listen’ button.

According to Google, their advanced technology has the potential to unravel entirely novel categories of inquiries that users may have never imagined could be addressed through search. The company asserts that this innovation has the capacity to revolutionise the organisation of information, facilitating individuals in sifting through and comprehending the vast sea of available data.