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‘Full of greenery, the ambience at Apeejay Stya University is so good’

Chandrajeet Dhara, pursuing B Tech in Biotechnology from ASU and his father, Ram Prasad Dhara, say Apeejay’s liberal art education approach provides students with several learning opportunities.



After two years of appearing for NEET, Chandrajeet Dhara, 19, finally decided to pursue B Tech in Biotechnology from the School of Biosciences at Apeejay Stya University, Gurugram. Particularly impressed by the course, he enrolled at ASU this year. In an interview, Chandrajeet and his father Ram Prasad Dhara, AGM Regulatory and Compliance with Vish Wind Infrastrukture LLP, explain why they chose Apeejay. 

Why did you choose Apeejay and how has your experience been so far?

Ram Prasad Dhara: Almost 24 years of my life I have been associated with the management field. With little knowledge about technology fields, it was my elder brother and his daughter who asked me to go ahead with Apeejay. My brother who had worked in the education sector affirmed that Apeejay will help in the overall development of Chandrajeet. Apeejay is a Liberal Arts University where students are given the opportunity to learn a lot of other subjects besides their core course.  I believe my son will have a promising and bright future.  

Chandrajeet: I gave NEET in 2020 and again in 2021. Unfortunately, I couldn’t clear the examination. So, I wanted to pursue a course that is closely related to the medical field. I wanted to work in the medical industry. I was actually planning to take up B Sc Biotechnology because I did not have Maths in my 12th and was not sure how I would be able to pursue any B Tech programme. But when I spoke to the faculty members like Dr. Subhabrata Kar, Dr Atul Kathait and Divi Ma’am, they encouraged me to take B Tech Biotechnology. I opted for it and now I am enjoying the course.

You visited the Apeejay campus for admission. How did you like it?

Chandrajeet: We went to the campus in October and the campus was full of greenery. I really liked it because I love nature. The college infrastructure is really nice. Now I keep seeing the classrooms and labs in pictures when my friends send me pictures. I wish to go back soon. I also want to eat at the college canteen. 

Ram Prasad Dhara: I felt the university ambience was really good. Any student will be happy to be in such a campus with so much greenery. I saw the huge playing grounds. I hope all students are encouraged to play and participate in different sports. I feel sports help in building physical and mental health. I wish my son would take up some sport. 

Your son is keen on going back to the campus. Your views?

Chandrajeet: I am waiting to go back. I want to enjoy my campus life. Moreover, I want to do research and also pursue M Tech. Hence, I feel staying on campus will help me to do my research work as I will be able to visit the labs. 

Ram Prasad Dhara: I want my son to go to campus. It will make him more self-reliant which is very important. Everything should not be cooked and come on a platter. But I want him to initially get accustomed to college life – the way classes are held and assignments are done. Moreover, I am also waiting for the external situation to normalise a bit and once things are fine he can go to campus. 

How has your experience been so far?

Chandrajeet: I felt not having Maths in 12th might become a challenge for me to pursue B Tech Biotechnology. But everything so far has worked out smoothly. Even though we do not have any subject related to Maths as of now, I know that if I am stuck in Maths in any subject in the coming semesters, the teachers are there to help me out. Most importantly, being a Liberal Arts University, we have the option to choose courses from other branches. And that is very interesting. I have chosen subjects like Research Fundamental and Statistics and Evolution of Technology. These subjects are really interesting. 

Ram Prasad Dhara:Yes, the university provides so many subject options for students to take up courses of their interest and choice. In fact, I see my son has adapted the habit of learning new things and subjects. He is taking initiatives in research and writing on topics related to sciences. This is going to benefit him in this career in the future. 

Harshita is Assistant Editor at Apeejay newsroom. With experience in both the Media and Public Relations (PR) world, she has worked with Careers360, India Today and Value360 Communications. A learner by nature, she is a foodie, traveller and believes in having a healthy work-life balance.