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From charcoal drawings to digital art, Apeejay School International hosts Visual Arts and TOK exhibitions

At the event, Diploma Programme students displayed their thought processes and creative flair through artistic mediums



Art is inquiry. It has the power to channel and awaken deep aspects of your mind and personality. It allows you to explore and express ideas accurately and honestly while letting the artist borrow from their own experiences.

To further this quest for knowledge, Apeejay School International (ASI) – South Delhi recently hosted a Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and Visual Arts Exhibitions. It was attended by students, parents and staff at the school. The session was divided into two segments for Diploma Programme I and Diploma Programme- II students. The former explored hand-picked internal assessment prompts about, “How is current knowledge shaped by its historical development”, “Should some knowledge not be sought on ethical grounds?” and “Are some things unknowable?” These became the points of discussion among presenters and spectators. Students connected real-life objects with these themes and claimed their perspectives, beliefs and conclusions to the best of their capabilities.

The Diploma Programme-II students displayed their art based on 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional forms. They explored, curated and presented their art-based concepts and thoughts. Students Prisha Jain and Lavanya Sharma, amongst others showcased their art works influenced by popular movements in World Art History such as Impression and Dadaism. From charcoal drawings, oil paintings and digital art displays, students explored a variety of mediums to compose insightful art pieces.

Both the exhibitions played a vital role in developing research, communication and social skills of the IB learners. Going beyond academics, it ignited their spirit of working together and manifested the purpose of their domain through exhibits.

The event led the audience to wonder if they actually know things the way it should be known. It opened up a platform for an exchange of ideas and discussions as the gathering spent their day in pursuit of knowledge coupled with art and artists.

“TOK is a core component of the International Baccalaureate- Diploma Programme. It is a subject that helps knowers to examine knowledge and investigate how we know what we claim to know. It directs them to reflect on their beliefs and the belief systems prevalent in society through the lens of the various ways of knowing.”


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