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Friendship: The essential bond that unites us like bricks in a building



By Diya Bhattacharya

Friendship is the only thing in this world that unites every person, just like bricks joined together to form a building. It serves as a profound connection between individuals and holds immense importance in our lives. Friends have the power to make us laugh when we are sad, treat us like royalty, and are always there for us in times of trouble. While some friends may not always be positive influences, true friends are challenging to find. They never break your trust, are reliable in times of need, and remain faithful to their promises – they are friends for life. Friends always care about you and ensure that no one harms you. Despite our intelligence in front of others, we often act foolish when we are with our friends.

We find joy when we are around our friends and feel a sense of sadness when we are apart. Even when friends part ways, there is an enduring desire to reunite, leading us to constantly think of ways to make it happen. The most beautiful moments are experienced when friends reunite and spend time together as they did before.

I would like to conclude it with a poem:

“He only fulfills the wishes that all pray to him,

Then why do the rich sway with happiness,

And the poor need to stay in darkness?

Whether big or small, the Almighty never decided,

Seeing inequality, he feels a deep pain inside,

Let us unveil equality, And think of everyone’s happiness and pride.”