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Everyone deserves quality education



By Raghav Gupta

“Education is the vaccine for violence” — Edward James Olmos

‘Tamso Ma Jyotigamaya’, the Sanskrit verse means take me to light not darkness. This prayer is the basic pillar of Indian culture, and for a person to see this light, education is integral.

Education enables and prepares us for all aspects of our lives. Despite the best efforts of the Indian government to launch several education-based awareness campaigns in underdeveloped areas of our country, the system still requires a lot of citizens’ support. We need the active participation of everybody to raise the levels of our education system.

For the betterment of society, school and college authorities must set objectives to boost the interest and curiosity of students. Education is a compulsory right of every person, and so each one of us must experience and access equality of education.

According to me, all happiness is attained by learning. Our intelligence is sharpened by the knowledge we gain. It helps us contribute towards and make positive transformations into the society. The necessary advancement in the domain of technology is primarily based on the educational endeavours of our country. 

For any person, the home is the first place to learn and parents are the first gurus. They are the ones who teach us the importance of attaining quality education. As we slowly climb the steps towards our growth and development, we realise it.

In today’s day and age, ‘educated girls and women’ have taken our country to the next level globally through their efforts across fields such as medicine, defence services, science and technology. They have proven that they aren’t the ‘weaker’ sex as per popular belief, and they can thrive if given the right opportunity and exposure.

I feel that a country cannot evolve without promoting the individual development of its citizens. Thus, we need to strengthen our education system and work towards a common goal to make it accessible to every citizen in every region of the country.

Poetic गुफ्तगू – With हुमेरा खान @poetsofDelhi