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Delhi students rock the racket at Rotary Badminton League

Young players bagged the overall trophy as well as showcased their teamwork and determination



In a dazzling display of skill, determination, and sportsmanship, students from Apeejay School, Saket in Delhi soared to remarkable heights in a recent badminton tournament. With their exceptional talent and unwavering commitment, these young athletes have brought glory to their school and etched their names in the annals of badminton excellence. Let’s delve into the remarkable achievements that have made the school’s badminton team the talk of the town!

This was a Rotary Badminton League recently held in AIIMS Gymkhana Club for students of Delhi NCR. Schools from across the city participated in the tournament. Amongst all, Apeejayites stood tall by securing the number one position. While speaking to the winners of the Senior Boys Doubles category, we discovered that this was not an easy competition. According to the class 12 student, Harkirat Singh, “I played with my partner, Krish Kumar. This was my second time at a Badminton competition. I was fully prepared and received massive support from our sports coaches in the school. We defeated the same opponent in the second round.” 

Singh started learning the game 2 years ago. “At present, I also practice at an academy. In the future, I would like to play the game professionally too,” he says. A player who truly inspires him is Chirag Shetty, one of the first men’s doubles pair from India to be ranked inside the top 10 of the BWF World Ranking, with a career-high ranking of 5.

Sharing a similar view, student of class 10, Krish says, “We had a good win! This would not be possible without our teachers. I practiced for it for about a month.” He too is learning the sport professionally. He divides his time between sports and academics. In the near future, he will participate in a state-level Badminton competition

A class 9 student Dhruv Chitkara played for Doubles in the Junior category with his partner Manan. They stood second. “We were faced with 6 feet tall players and that was quite intimidating. But we managed the game well and it was a really close match.” He looks forward to another zonal-level competition from the school. In his free-time, Chitkara loves to watch badminton and football.

According to Manan, “The game was a good learning experience. We understood different modes and techniques of playing the sport. Besides, it was a great feeling to be able to represent your school. Badminton is a combination of mental techniques and physical fitness. Therefore, I exercise before coming to school every day.”

At the Badminton League by Rotary, Devangee Deka played in a singles match. She aced the show by securing the third position. Prior to this match, she had won another tournament on behalf of the school. “My sister and I both learn the sport together. Earlier, our father used to teach us but now we train at an academy,” she says.

Her favourite technique at the game is smash. What more? Deka battled physical constraints to ace the match. She could not practice for months but got back in the game due to her spirit of sportsmanship. She looks up to the celebrated player PV Sindhu and hopes to learn from her rallies and back-hand shots.

All the students were mentored by sports teacher, Mr Gautam Vats, in the school. He says, “The students have worked hard for the tournament. They stayed back beyond regular school hours to devote their time to the game. I am proud of them. Now, I am preparing them for many different competitions and tournaments. Besides, each student is preparing well with warm ups, fitness sessions and strengthening exercises. I closely watch their speed and coordination also and allow them to push themselves to the next level.”

Further, Mr Vats advises all students to have a balanced diet. For those wanting to start at the sport, ensure to eat well and include proteins in your daily intake, according to him. “Refrain from having heavy meals before the game.”  

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