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Class 12 CBSE exams toppers say taking the CUET exam will be easy after the Boards

‘Making notes from the start of the session came in handy; made revision easy’, says topper at Apeejay Svran Global School, 21-D in Faridabad



This year, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Board exams 2023 started on February 14, 2023, for class XII. A total of 16,96,770 students took the exam year for 115 subjects. Following previous years’ trend, girls outshined boys yet again with a pass percentage of 87.11 per cent while boys secured 76.43 pass percentage. The overall pass percentage for CBSE class XII results for 2023 was recorded at 87.33 per cent.

Swadha Pandey, who scored 92.2 per cent and ranked No 1 at Apeejay Svran Global School 21-D in Faridabad, said that she pursued Science (medical) and scored a 97 in English, 98 in Physical Education, 83 in Physics, 95 in Chemistry and 88 in Biology. “I am happy with this result. I was expecting to do a little better but a 92.2 per cent is good as well; I am satisfied,” Pandey said.

Anjani with 90.8 per cent aggregate ranked No 2. She scored 86 in Economics, 89 in Business Studies, and 94 in Accountancy. “I am more than satisfied with my result. While taking the class XII Boards, I was nervous since I had not taken the class X Boards. I was scared that I would not get 80 per cent; so these marks are amazing,” Anjani said.

When the CBSE declared the results on May 12, she got a call from her Accounts teacher wanting to know her score. “The minute I got this call I started crying. Many people had expectations from me. When I saw I had scored above 85, it was such a relief. When I calculated my percentage and it came to nearly 91 per cent I started crying again that all my hard work had paid off,” Anjani shared.

Plans ahead

Swadha Pandey

Pandey wants to take up Biology as her major. “For this, I will be taking the CUET; the exams are in a week – May 25-28, 2023. I am busy studying for the same. Since I have taken the Board exams, the CUET doesn’t appear to be so daunting. So, I am not as nervous as I was while taking the Boards; I have already gone through the syllabus,” Pandey said.

Like Pandey, Anjani is also preparing for the CUET and has a clear vision of where she wants to study. “I am hoping to get through to The Hindu College or any North campus college to pursue BCom (H). Once I complete my graduation, I want to do an MBA from abroad,” Anjani said and added taking the CUET will be easier.

Success mantra

Being consistent is what got Pandey this good result and if she had any doubts, she followed the same up with the teachers. “My teachers had been extremely supportive all through the exams. They gave study material, clearing doubts, and reaching out to me after classes to check how I was faring,” Pandey recounted.


Anjani said that her success mantra was to not give up. “Most students in class XII that if they can’t cope, they give up. But this is wrong. If you taking the Board exams there is no scope for selective studies. If a topic is proving to be tough, at least give it a read a couple of times to be able to attempt the question if asked,” she said.

She added getting a proper sleep schedule, making a timetable, following the teacher’s instructions, and taking small breaks also contributed to her good result. “I also didn’t let the stress and panic set in,” Anjani said.

Self-study was the way ahead

It was all about self-study, for this school topper. “I made notes from the start of the session. These came in handy; it also makes revision easy. I stuck to NCERT and anything extra that I had to do was provided by my teachers,” Pandey shared.

Anjani too did self-study except when it came to Accountancy. “Nobody believes me when I tell them that I had failed in this subject in three tests including pre-Boards and yet scored a 94 in finals! I would study till late into the night and even took help from my relative if I would get stuck somewhere,” Anjani said.

Advice to the 2024 batch

Be consistent, Pandey stressed. “Sometimes, a student may feel overwhelmed with such a huge syllabus. But if you are regular, you can scale any height. Normally, students study 10 hours a day and then nothing the next day; this is not going to help,” Pandey said and added that her parents were a pillar of support. “They were always there for me and provided me whatever I required,” Pandey said.

A day before the exam, Anjani would relax and rest. “Once I was satisfied with my preparation, I would take a break. I would get a good night’s sleep. On the exam day, I would get up at 4 am, meditate, and invoke the Law of Attraction. I would even have herbal tea to calm my mind,” she said.

Family a pillar of support

“I have an aunt, I call her mami. She has been teaching me since I was very young. All the credit goes to her. My parents had expectations but they never put any pressure on me to score full marks or get above 95. They said marks don’t matter. What matters is that I have put in my best efforts. So, give your best and not have any regrets,” Anjani said and signed off.

“The path to success is to take massive determined action. This was apparent in the classes X and XII Board exam results at our school. The hard work and determination of the students, the loving compassionate support of the parents and the relentless efforts in mentoring the students by the teachers bore excellent dividends. Our students have brought great laurels to the school. Well done!”

Priti Wason, principal, Apeejay Svran Global School, 21-D Faridabad

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