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CBSE, UNICEF jointly launch online career guidance, counselling portal for students



The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has partnered with UNICEF to launch an online career guidance and counselling portal for students of Class 9-12. The portal can be accessed at Through the free portal, the students will be able to access over 560 careers, 25,000 colleges and vocational institutes, 1200 scholarships, and 1150 entrance examinations

Terry Durnnian, Chief of Education, UNICEF India, said, “The pandemic has heightened concerns among millions of young people about their future livelihoods and skills needed to thrive in the 21st century. UNICEF has supported career guidance portals across several states to empower adolescents and young people to make informed educational and occupational choices that support their social, financial and emotional well-being. UNICEF is pleased to partner with the Central Board of Secondary Education with the technical partnership of iDreamCareer to develop the CBSE Career Guidance portal to facilitate students in India to have access to information on career pathways, irrespective of their school affiliation.”

“It is imperative for the students to understand their learning strengths and weaknesses; have realistic goals commensurate with their capabilities. Guidance and Counselling serve the basic needs of each individual as a unique entity as there are perceptible differences between the individuals in native capacities, abilities and interests,” said CBSE in an official statement.

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