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CBSE class 12 Physical Education paper analysis: It was very creative and innovative

Physical Education teacher at Apeejay School in Charkhi Dadri says that students would have found Section B easy and D difficult



The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) on March 13, 2023 conducted Physical Education (PE) Board exam. Quite a large number of students opt for PE as the sixth subject. This is because it is an easy and scoring subject. The PE question paper had a total of 37 questions for 70 marks. Students were required to complete the paper in a duration of three hours – from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm.

The question paper had five sections:

1.       Section A (MCQs) – Questions 1-18 carrying 1 mark each

2.       Sections B (very short answer type questions) – Questions 19-24 carrying 2 marks each

3.       Sections C (short answer type questions) – Questions 25-30 carrying 3 marks each

4.       Sections D (case study questions) – Questions 31-33 carrying 4 marks each

5.       Section E (long answer type questions) – Questions 34-37 carrying 5 marks each

According to Ashok Kumar, Physical Education teacher at Apeejay School, Charkhi Dadri said that this year’s PE question paper was of average difficulty. “There were a few questions that the students found to be tough. However, the paper on the whole was creative and innovative. It covered all aspects of the theory and provided the students a great chance to know and understand different aspects of the subject,” Kumar opined.

Adding that Section B was the easiest and D the toughest, the PE teacher gave the following low down of the question paper:

1.       Question paper is very creative and innovative but not easy.

2.       It covered the whole syllabus of CBSE. There is no typographical error as well.

3.       Question paper was very scientific and relevant to the health of students and the community. Question number 33 was difficult and question number 35 was related to the health of senior citizens.

4.       Overall question paper was well-designed for better learning for the students.

5.       Section-wise analysis: Section A: Average; section-B: Easy; section-C: Average; section-D: Difficult; and section-E: Average .

The CBSE class XII exams are being held in 26 countries abroad. According to CBSE, a total of 16,96,770 students sat for the class XII exam. The results of the exam slated to be declared in May 2023, will be released on CBSE’s official website.

Overall question paper was well-designed for better learning for the students. It was very scientific and relevant

Ashok Kumar, Physical Education teacher, Apeejay School, Charkhi Dadri

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