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‘Apeejay School International Gives Strong Emphasis On Creative And Research Skills’



Ms. Garima Verma with her twin boys

The twin boys of Ms. Garima Verma are studying in grade 2 of Apeejay School International, South Delhi. Ms. Garima is euphoric about the rapid progress Neal Verma and Vivaan Verma have made since shifting from a CBSE affiliated school. Read on…

Q. What made you pick Apeejay School International? 

First, let me tell you in brief about myself.  I work with a US based company as a QA lead and have around 12 years’ of experience in IT.  My twin boys were born in the US. They did their Pre-kindergarten in Austin, Texas. In June 2019, we returned to India. Till that time, we had no clue about the IB board as my husband and I completed our schooling from the CBSE board. So, we admitted our kids to a prominent school, but their way of teaching seemed alien to my twins. They were accustomed to research based teaching and what they got in the school was rote learning. Teachers wrote everything on the board and students had to simply copy it. There was no scope for debate or discussion. The emphasis was not on practical based learning and there was no interaction with teachers. Moreover, due to their background, Neal and Vivaan were not good at Hindi. Teachers made no extra effort to help them learn Hindi. After a month or two they were scared to go to school. After this, we frantically started exploring new schools. It became clear to us that CBSE affiliated schools are not fit for our kids, instead IB boards schools are a better option. We came across an advertisement of Apeejay School International and decided to visit the school to extract more information. We really liked the school and within a few weeks we got our twins enrolled in the 2nd grade.

How has your experience been so far? 

There has been a 180 degree turn. Even with online learning, my boys are enjoying their time at Apeejay School International to the fullest. They are loving all the learning activities. Their class teacher Ms. Akanksha Mathur is very kind. She listens to them and clears all their doubts. Even after school hours, she is always ready to listen to us. Ms. Shalini Fate, PYP (Primary Years Programme) Coordinator takes our suggestions very seriously. I am also happy about the student-teacher ratio.  My children are getting personal attention. Once the Covid situation gets better they are excited to go to campus and explore other activities such as swimming, soccer, music etc. 

Are you happy with the emphasis given on creative learning? 

Of course. The emphasis on creative learning is a better than the CBSE board. Here, they have to do a lot of research using their creativity. They can even tweak a given question to make it cover more ground. They are encouraged to take multiple paths to solve a problem. My kids enjoy this kind of inquiry-based learning and they have learned a lot in a short span of time. They were earlier scared of Hindi, but in Apeejay teachers deploy interesting methods such as videos to make learning Hindi fun and exciting. 

Would you recommend Apeejay School International to others?  

I have already recommended the school to one of my neighbours in Vasant Kunj and she got her kid enrolled in Grade 1. 

Teachers of Apeejay School International are very cooperative and kind. They explain all the concepts in a simple manner and take our suggestions with seriousness. They even make homework fun and engaging for students. 

-Ms. Garima Verma

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