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‘Apeejay gives innumerable opportunities to students’ to express themselves’

Palak Nishad Nanavaty, mother of Kalp Nishad Nanavaty, a class 4 student of Apeejay Saket, lauded the school for bringing out the best in children



Palak Nishad Nanavaty with her spouse Nishad Rajan Nanavaty and son Kalp Nishad Nanavaty

Palak Nishad Nanavaty is a homemaker and holds an M.Sc degree in Zoology while her spouse, Nishad Rajan Nanavaty, is Head of Sales and Customer Service at NuCash Inc. They are proud parents of Kalp Nishad Nanavaty. In a candid interview, Palak explained the role of school in the holistic development of her son. Edited excerpts:

What made you pick Apeejay?

We moved to Delhi from Gujarat as my spouse bagged a job offer in the capital. Kalp Nishad completed his nursery from Gujarat, so for his admission to class 1, we visited 3-4 schools for the interview process. Apeejay Saket was the first school we visited and my son immediately fell in love with its warm atmosphere and loving teachers. When his interview got over he was jumping with excitement. Remember, we came from Gujarat but my son felt at home in school. One could see the spark in his eyes. Though we got admission offers from other schools as well, we went ahead with Apeejay. Kalp Nishad was adamant that he will only study in Apeejay (laughs).

Kalp Nishad Nanavaty won the National Children’s Science Painting Competition in 2019

Tell us about the progress made by your son?

I am thankful to the school for making my son excel in all spheres of education. He got innumerable opportunities to participate in innumerable events and contests. He has won Spell Bee competitions and Olympiads and has bagged multiple awards in Music in zonal and inter school competitions. Teachers must be credited for giving students opportunities and guidance to express themselves. The formative years of a student’s life are extremely critical and if they receive good counselling and guidance from teachers they can do the impossible.

Have Apeejay teachers provided that counselling and guidance?

Absolutely! The reason why my son loves every subject and extracurricular activities is because all the teachers are excellent at their job. During the pandemic they went to great lengths to make the classes engaging and exciting. They were available 24×7 to allay the doubts and queries of students and parents and as a result, they sacrificed a lot of their personal time. I can’t thank them enough.

Share with us your memorable moment.

I was on cloud nine when Kalp Nishad won the National Children’s Science Painting Competition in 2019. Watching him hold the winning trophy still gives me immense happiness. 

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