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‘Apeejay alumni are doing exceptionally well in life’

Rakhi Aggarwal, whose three children are studying in Apeejay, Charkhi Dadri, says the school conducts hands-on educational activities using household items.



Rakhi Aggarwal with her spouse Mahesh Kumar and children Anushka Mahi and Raghav

Rakhi Aggarwal is a homemaker while her spouse Mahesh Kumar is a grain merchant. They are proud parents of Anushka Aggarwal, Mahi Aggarwal and Raghav Aggarwal who are studying in classes 10, 4 and KG, respectively. In a candid interview, Rakhi explains why she is fully satisfied with the school. Edited excerpts:

Why did you pick Apeejay?

There are a lot of students from my area who are studying in Apeejay and there are plenty others who have studied from the school. In fact, my nephews are studying in Apeejay Noida and my brother is an alumnus of Apeejay Stya University. I have observed that Apeejay alumni are doing exceptionally well in life. Also, when I first went to the school to seek nursery admission for Anushka, I found the ambience of the school positive. I talked to the Principal, Teachers and other staff members and they all exhibited honesty and positivity. I felt so impressed that I made up my mind then and there itself.

You have been associated with the school for 12 years’ now. Share with us your experience?  

After Anushka, I got my other two children enrolled in Apeejay and that’s because I am deeply attached and fully satisfied with the school. I would like to specifically applaud the efforts put in by the teachers during the pandemic. The teachers were readily available post school hours to help students clear their doubts. They are always willing to lend an ear to parents and offer them the best advice. I am part of a parent WhatsApp group and all its members have positive things to say about the school. Talking about teaching methods, due importance is given to activity-based learning and hands-on educational activities are conducted using household items. Every child should learn that education can be just as enjoyable as playing. Apart from academics students are taught how to socialise and best interact with the outside world. There is a huge emphasis on extracurricular activities such as dance, plays, art, debates, etc. The school celebrates all special days with fervour and enthusiasm and it helps make students aware of our traditions and cultural beliefs and critical issues facing the world. I have only positive things to say about the school. 

Share with us your most memorable moment.

Every Annual Appreciation Day is memorable for me as my children always bag prizes. It’s indeed a proud feeling to see your children performing confidently in front of others. If parents are looking for a school that will provide the most effective education to their child, I would say there’s no better option than Apeejay.

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