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Shivani Rana, Assistant Professor, School of Behavioural Sciences, and Dr. Vimala Veeraraghavan, Dean Academics and Emeritus Professor at Apeejay Stya University reflect on the relationship between yoga and psychology



This article is a representation of two concepts belonging to two different school of studies. Yoga, a philosophical thought process is defined as, “To completely know and be at peace with yourself. To connect, join, or balance.” On the other hand, psychology, “The scientific study of behavior and mind, including conscious and unconscious phenomena, as well as thought.”

Both terms are attached with their own cliché meaning. When heard of a term ‘Yoga’, it is always denoted with “asanas” or “pranayama”. If Psychology, “Can you read my mind?” Is the most common phrase we tend to hear.

Here, title of this article becomes the question. How can these two be related? How can both yoga and psychology help us achieve a better lifestyle?

Keeping in mind the hardships of life we all are trapped in, there is a need for us to go back to the roots of our customs to find the solution. Because, at the end, we all want to achieve the happiness and counter the sufferings. Therefore, there is a need of a contemporary, yet old age outlook towards the attainment of the “Contented Self”. 

While yoga focuses on our unity with each other and the universe, psychology addresses our diversity and individual differences. The aim of both is to help people achieve the ultimate reality of their existence. Nowadays, everyone is focusing on holistic health. This holistic development works in a combination of all aspects of life: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Social. Through this, “Yoga Psychology”, we aim to target all the aspects of human life, to help them achieve the positive characteristics, such as, optimism, resilience, grit, etc.

All in all, yoga psychology not just only helps in the homeostasis of body but also the mind.

Dr. Vimala Veeraraghavan, Dean Academics and Emeritus Professor & Shivani Rana, Assistant Professor, School of Behavioural Sciences at Apeejay Stya University