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Young chefs from Apeejay School International showcase their culinary skills

Students of Middle-Years-Programme at the school engage in a culinary rendezvous with Chef Rajesh Sharma



The aroma of exotic recipes filled the halls of Apeejay School International, South Delhi as students of Middle-Years-Programme (MYP) showcased their culinary skills. Guided by guest-chef, Mr. Rajesh Sharma, they set up four stations in the school to prepare some new dishes.

Sharma, a culinary artist and specialist in Progressive Indian and Modern European Cuisine excels in haute and wellness cuisine. Students, under his guidance, indulged in a cooking competition at the school. 

Each team was provided a set of guidelines to work towards. The MYP 1 students were required to create some beverages and strawberry mimosa. MYP 1 and 2 learners made open-faced guacamole sandwiches with French baguette and feta. The MYP 3 group were assigned to prepare a quinoa citrus salad and lemon vinaigrette mint. And the final team of MYP 4 students made Anzac biscuits.

Anandita Bhardwaj, a student of MYP says, “The chef taught us many new things. Wherever we felt stuck, he helped us out. During this session, I learnt to make Anzac biscuits. I have a keen interest in cooking and can make pizza, spaghetti, chicken, and mashed potatoes. It was an enjoyable experience for me.” 

Sharing a similar sentiment, Nia Lobo, another student says, “The event was fun! We learnt to work in teams and it required a lot of collaboration. We realised the importance of each other’s skills. We were the winning team at the event and it was a great feeling to see how all our fellow students and teachers loved what we made. They kept coming to us for more biscuits, and that was a great feeling!”

Roseanne Emma William, MYP 1 student who made beverages at the session says, “I learn cooking from my elder sister at home. But, this was the first time I made mocktails. They were easy to make and tasted really nice!”

The event concluded with the announcement of the winners. The first prize was bagged by the MYP 4 group for making Anzac biscuits, followed by the MYP 1 and 2 team for preparing open-faced sandwiches and beverages in a tie. The young chefs participated in the event with great enthusiasm and vigour.

“Making connections between the classroom and real life is very important to our pedagogy. Throughout the year, many guest lectures are organised in the school to help students form these connections. In this series, Chef Rajesh conducted a workshop with MYP students where they learned to make various beverages and dishes. It was a very enriching experience for both students and teachers.”

– Mr. Purshottam Dutt Vashist, Principal, Apeejay School International – South Delhi

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