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Apeejay School International conducts its first-ever physical exhibition for Primary-Year-Programme students

At the event, young learners attempted to seek solutions to real-life issues based on their knowledge and skills



Be it Internet addiction of the young and old, unemployment in the country or Covid-19 induced health challenges, there are several matters that require thoughtful enquiry, in-depth research and wise solutions.

Recognising the pressing need to cater to these, Primary-Year-Programme (PYP) – 5 students of Apeejay School International, South Delhi (ASI) curated a physical exhibition at the school. Mrs. Anita Paul, Education officer at Apeejay Education launched the event by cutting the ribbon and declaring the exhibition open for guests. This was followed by an opening ceremony by students who presented a song and skit.

At the event, students exchanged their thoughts and learnings with the community after conducting an in-depth inquiry to identify, investigate and find solutions to real-life issues. Collaboratively, they contributed to the event through their skills, knowledge, strengths, passions and interests to make a difference in the society. The exhibition enabled them to display attributes of the IB learner profile, concepts and skills developed in the school over the years. The exercise also came as an important milestone before they climb the ladder to get promoted in the Middle-Year-Programme – 1.

The event was also an exciting opportunity for students to demonstrate the application of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Mission that aims to nurture inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young minds who can help to create a better and more peaceful world. In this spirit, students expressed their concern on issues of global importance.

They formed four groups, each facilitated by a mentor as they investigated their research topic. The mentors and the students worked on topics such as unemployment, internet addiction, inequality and Covid-19. They reflected upon the significance of their learning to take meaningful action and widen their horizons. Along with that, they explored, researched, and interviewed citizens to seek in-depth knowledge and understanding about their chosen topic. Their documented facts and final presentations were part of the exhibition at ASI.

Guests and members of the parent community visited the various stations and discussed with students about their findings. The gathering was impressed by the students’ knowledge-sharing abilities and applauded the efforts of their mentors at school.

During the final part of the programme, PYP students also took into account the different perspectives, opinions and suggestions of the guests. These discussions made them enthusiastic and learners as they attempted to understand others’ points of view.

“PYP Exhibition is the culmination of students’ primary years journey. They showcased all skills and knowledge learnt at school – in choosing a burning issue and through a process of inquiry and discovery proposed a solution. It was a matter of great pride for teachers to see their students presenting their work to visitors with a great deal of expertise and confidence.


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