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“Which school is India’s JEE topper from?”

Amaiya Singhal, an alumnus of Apeejay School, Noida, got full marks in all three subjects – Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics.



Amaiya Singhal, an alumnus of Apeejay School, Noida, has obtained a 100 percentile score in Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main session 3. After scoring 99.94 and 99.98 percentile in the first and second attempts, respectively, Amaiya got 100 percentile in the third attempt. He got full marks in all three subjects – Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics. Amaiya is among 17 students out of the more than 7 lakh to have obtained the top rank in the engineering entrance exam. He is also one of the two students from Uttar Pradesh to score 100 percentile in the JEE (Main). In an interview, Amaiya says studying consistently is the key to crack JEE.

When did you start your preparations?

I started taking coaching for IIT JEE in class 10. Though, I didn’t immerse myself in JEE coaching. It was from class 11 onwards that I started the preparation with full gusto and vigour.

Tell us about your study schedule?  

I used to take JEE coaching classes thrice a week after school hours. After coming back from school, I used to quickly finish my lunch before rushing for my classes. The weekends were reserved for self-study and homework. On days when I had a lot on my platter, I took leave from school. This doesn’t mean I didn’t maintain a good attendance record at school. I have been studying 10-12 hours a day on average for the last two years or so.

It must be difficult to persist with such a rigorous schedule.

It’s really important to have a clear goal in mind because you won’t get this opportunity later. The hard work you put in now will reap you good dividends in future. I was determined to crack JEE. I was also inspired by my brother who graduated from IIT Guwahati. Also, my teachers and peers motivated me to give it my best shot. Once you start enjoying the process, things become a lot easier. Initially, it’s tough to get in the groove. That’s why I started taking JEE coaching when I was in class 10, so that I could get comfortable studying long hours. It’s also important to prevent burnout. Study consistently and give time to other activities to keep your mind refreshed. Taking time out for exercise is also critical, especially during a pandemic.

How did you balance class 12 Boards and JEE main preparations?

The JEE syllabus covers all your class 12 concepts and topics of Physics, Chemistry and Maths. While the Boards test your knowledge based on subjective type questions, JEE focuses on application-based skills through multiple-choice questions (MCQs).  Only English and the fifth subject require your attention and I don’t think that should pose a problem to anyone. If you prepare for JEE extensively, Boards preparation isn’t too difficult.

How did you resist the social media temptation? 

I use social media apps such as Twitter, Instagram and YouTube every day, but in a controlled manner. I didn’t endlessly scroll on social media. I had a fixed daily limit for social media consumption. Judicious use of social media is a great way to relax and stay up-to-date with current events.  

What are your future plans?

I don’t have long-term plans as of now. For the last few years, my aim was to score well in JEE and get into one of the IITs to pursue B.Tech in Computer Science. After that, if everything goes well, I would like to start my own business. Right now, my focus is to crack JEE Advanced which will be held on  October 3.

“You need to have a fixed goal to clear JEE. Say to yourself that for ‘two years I will give my best to crack JEE.’ Whether you are taking coaching or self-studying you need to remain focused and study consistently. Soon, you will start enjoying the whole process.”

Amaiya Singhal

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