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Unyielding Grit: How CBSE students excelled in Board exams

From determination to distinction, they made every moment count



Apeejay School, Mahavir Marg, situated in the vibrant city of Jalandhar, is basking in the glory of its exceptional academic achievers in the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) examinations. With resolute determination and unwavering dedication, these top scorers have etched their names in the annals of success, exemplifying the undeniable power of hard work in realising one’s aspirations.

Hard work, often hailed as the cornerstone of triumph, stands as a testament to these students’ extraordinary accomplishments. They have exhibited an unwavering commitment to their studies, going above and beyond to overcome obstacles and refine their skills. Their remarkable achievements have not only brought honour to Apeejay School, Mahavir Marg, but also serve as an inspiration to all, reaffirming that relentless effort and determination can pave the way to greatness.

Let’s explore their individual journeys. Read on:

Plan of action

Maanya Gupta, the highest scorer from the school secured 97.2% in the Commerce stream. With an awe-inspiring percentage, she has emerged as a shining star in the examinations. This remarkable feat is the culmination of their meticulous approach to academics, unwavering perseverance, and exceptional time management skills. In the face of numerous challenges, she remained steadfast, embodying the true spirit of resilience and unwavering dedication. Speaking about the achievement, she says, “I am happy with the result. The marks were a reflection of the efforts I put in. The only subject I could have done better in is Business Studies. Besides, I scored the highest in English (99) and it was quite good.”

As part of the next steps, the student is preparing for CUET entrances. She aims to secure a seat in a BBA or B.Com course. She credits all her teachers and tutors for her stellar results. But it did not become a reality magically. Gupta had her ups and downs during preparations but resolved to work towards her goals. She often sat with her teachers to understand the areas for improvement during her preparation.

Sharing some tips for her juniors she says, “Follow what your teachers tell you. They have your best interest at heart and know you well. Don’t listen to anyone else who may put pressure on you.” Her inspiration is her parents. She hopes to work hard in life to make them both proud.

Strong focus and ethics 

Another luminary, Deepanshu Nischal, scored 96 % in the Commerce stream. His achievement is a testament to their unyielding determination, unwavering resilience, and an optimistic outlook towards challenges. He embraced consistent effort and a strong work ethic. The student says, “I am overjoyed. I could not believe it. My family and relatives are proud of me.” As next steps, he is considering pursuing higher education abroad. He has an inclination towards Accountancy and Finance.

Further, he emphasised how his teachers at school and tutors supported and motivated him to attain this mark. “At every moment, my class teacher was guiding me,” he says. Besides, he is an artist and a sportsman too. So, his method of de-stressing is to play a good game of cricket. He advises one and all to participate in extracurriculars and balance things well. “To score well in Boards, practice is key. Moreover, one must constantly remain interested in the subjects,” says the achiever.

Decided? Ace it!  

Ananya Chopra securing 95.8% in the Medical stream has defied all expectations through an exceptional performance in the CBSE examinations. Her journey stands as a beacon of inspiration, showcasing discipline, unswerving focus, and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. The resounding success not only represents a personal triumph but also motivates her juniors to strive for excellence.

She says, “I am satisfied with the result and I secured a perfect centum in Chemistry. Honestly, I was managing the Boards with my NEET entrance exam preparation. Therefore, I had completed and revised NCERT thoroughly. I was confident that when I will see the questions in the Boards, I will be able to answer them. Besides, I never missed any test, exam or assessment in the school because I knew that every such paper will help me on the final day.”

Chopra enjoyed studying her subjects during the preparation. Interestingly, her fifth subject was Music. So, she also learned about celebrated musicians in the Hindustani Classical domain along with some taals and ragas as part of the course. In addition to this, a subject that soothed her soul was English. “I am an avid reader. It was quite interesting to read the stories as part of the syllabus.” The talented achiever hopes to become a doctor and may specialise in the field of Radiology or Neurology in the future.

She also comes from a family of doctors and academicians. And so, she mentioned the role of her parents, grandparents and younger brother for motivating her to achieve great heights. “They ease my nerves,” she says. As the student took the NEET exam this year, currently, she is awaiting the results.

The contribution of Apeejay School, Mahavir Marg in shaping the academic endeavours of these extraordinary students cannot be overstated. The school’s unwavering commitment to providing a nurturing and intellectually stimulating environment, coupled with its exceptional faculty has played a pivotal role in fostering a culture of hard work and excellence. Not to miss, the teachers worked tirelessly as mentors, providing invaluable guidance and support to these students. They have instilled a growth mindset, the importance of setting high standards and surpassing them. Now, as the CBSE top scorers from Apeejay School, Mahavir Marg embark on their individual paths, they carry with them the indomitable spirit of hard work and an unwavering belief in their abilities.  

“Facing challenges with strength, determination and confidence is what matters, and you have done it… CONGRATULATIONS!”

MS sangeeta nistandra, principal, apeejay school, mahavir marg

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