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‘The environment at the Apeejay School of Management is really friendly’

Mr. Pawan Kumar Joshi, parent of Bharti Joshi, final Year MBA student at ASM, evaluates his daughter’s progress at the college



Mr. Pawan Kumar Joshi is an Accountant with Perfect Proxers Company. His daughter Bharti Joshi, a final year MBA student at Apeejay School of Management (ASM), has recently secured her campus placement as a Financial Planning Analyst with Ameriprise Financial Services Company in Minnesota, USA. In an informal interview, Mr Joshi mentions about his daughter’s likes and dislikes, evaluates her performance at college and his views on the onlline mode of learning. Edited excerpts:

 Why did you choose ASM over other universities for your child’s admission?

Actually, I didn’t choose the college. She herself chose ASM. Many of her friends study there. One of her very close friends had studied there and she got a placement abroad , so she highly recommended ASM to Bharti. Fortunately Bharti got a seat here. But before her admission, Bharti also spoke to some of the well-placed alumni of ASM over LinkedIn and she received great reviews about the college from them. So that helped her make her mind.

Please tell us about your child and take us through her progress at ASM?

Bharti loves watching Anime movies such as Demon Slayer. She loves to travel. She is a big foodie and cooks well herself as well. She watches a recipe and starts cooking the dish at home.  She loves reading novels. Her favourite novel is Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. She also likes home decoration and keeps herself busy through that.

She keeps studying in her room. She is very dedicated towards her course. Thus, she is performing very well in college.

Are the teachers engaging well with the students?

The teachers are engaging very well with the students. They cooperate and guide the students just like a parent. They call the students and explain the concepts and clear their doubts on call. They follow up on the progress of each and every student.  Bharti speaks very highly of Dr Monica Arora, her mentor. She also praises Professor Ishita Adhikari and  Professor  Anuj Kumar a lot.

What is the best thing about ASM?

The environment at the college is very friendly. The child goes to college without any fear. There is no kind of harassment at the college. Generally in other colleges, the students are harassed when it comes to the matter of fees or other issues. But this is not the case with ASM. So far, there hasn’t been any case of harassment neither at the end of the student nor at the end of the parent.  

What is your perception about the online mode of learning compelled by the pandemic?

The online classes have been taking place since the past two years. Bharti enrolled at ASM in 2017, so she has seen both the physical as well as the online classes.

The online classes are conducted very efficiently. The teachers teach really well. I myself have observed the online classes and I am fully satisfied. The teachers put in a lot of hard work for their lectures and the students also respond well. Of course, one would prefer the physical classes but my choice is based on two reasons. First, since the student is at home the entire day and is sitting mostly for long hours, there is no physical movement and therefore one sees an increase in weight. Secondly, student learns much more in the physical environment by interacting with their peers, directly speaking with the professors and gaining practical knowledge by observing the way of the world.

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