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This teacher from Delhi is empowering underprivileged youth by teaching computer skills

During the pandemic, she taught basic Microsoft Office skills to disadvantaged girls and boys as part of an initiative by ‘Lady Singham’



Manju Jayswal, a teacher at Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park, was conferred a Silver Award at Le Amanah Achievers’ Awards 2022-23 for her contribution to education. Organised by Ram Rattan Group, the award honours industry experts from various fields for their contribution to society.

During the pandemic, Jayswal received a phone call from Kiran Sethi, also dubbed ‘Lady Singham’. Sethi is a well-known police officer known for organising women’s self-defense camps throughout India and was honoured by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh in 2015.

“Lady Singham asked me if I could teach basic computer skills to the underprivileged youth to help them get jobs. I agreed and conducted online classes to teach them Microsoft Office. I tried my level best to train them, and I am glad that they finally secured jobs.”

Jayswal’s online classes continued for about a month and were attended by four-five young girls and boys. “I had read somewhere that even if you are able to bring about a positive change in one person’s life, your mission as a teacher is fulfilled. And I think it is a blessing that I have been able to do my duty. I feel honoured,” she said.

Meanwhile, she was also handling online classes at Apeejay. “From teachers to parents, so many people reached out to me to help them with setting up online sessions. Apeejay was among the first institutes in Delhi to conduct online exams, and I was one of the acting members of the team handling it. Every teacher handled the situation patiently. We also arranged counselling sessions for parents,” she recalled.

‘Apeejay is like family’

Jayswal has been teaching Computer Science at Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park, for the past three years, although she has been working for a decade now. Prior to the education sector, she worked in the media for a few years. “I enjoy teaching a lot. Apeejay is like an extended family to me, and I have had a wonderful journey so far. I strive to give my 100 per cent at school every single day. In fact, all the teachers at Apeejay work together to bring out the best in our students,” the teacher said.

Jayswal teaches classes VI-X. Recently, she also started Artificial Intelligence (AI) classes for students. Explaining its relevance in today’s time, she added, “This is a skill subject and not exactly a part of the core curriculum. Parents are a little hesitant, but we try to make them aware of why AI, which is booming right now, is important to cope with the changing times. In the classes, we teach the basics about AI including coding, data modelling and data science.”

‘Education is the biggest service to society’

While juggling responsibilities as a mother and teacher, the Apeejay teacher continues to do her bit to help society and tries to inculcate the same value of charity in her son. “My husband and I, along with a few friends, have teamed up with Shiksha – Taru Foundation – to teach deprived children in various parts of the country, who cannot afford education. We started with Bihar and have covered some parts of West Bengal.

“Be it my marriage anniversary or our birthdays, we usually make donations instead of throwing big parties. I believe providing education is the best way to serve society,” she emphasised.

Disha Roy Choudhury is a Principal Correspondent at Apeejay Newsroom. She has worked as a journalist at different media organisations. She is also passionate about music and has participated in reality shows.