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This popular singer has millions dancing to his beats!

An MBA student at AIMETC, Raghav Kapoor recently won the prestigious Akhand Bharat Gaurav Award 2021



With four original songs, Yaar Ja Sharaab, HabibiZindagi Tere Naam and Ik Tera Chehra launched to his name, Raghav Kapoor has been training in classical music since the last 16 years from the renowned Shyam Chaurasia Gharana. Due to the efforts of his late Guru Shri Ravi Sharma ji, the 22-year-old singer delivered his first on-stage performance in grade 3. Since that time, there has been no looking back for this MBA programme student at Apeejay Institute of Management & Engineering Technical Campus (AIMETC) in Jalandhar, as he has crossed a million hits on YouTube for his music, launched his own YouTube channel called Million Entertainers, and worked with eminent music pioneers such as Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Kailash Kher, to name a few. Bagging the prestigious Akhand Bharat Gaurav Award in 2021, in an interview, Kapoor discusses his music composition process, learnings and ambition. Read on:

Have you always been inclined towards music?

Initially, singing was more like a hobby for me. While I was training for it, I could also compose music too and my guru told me that if you are able to do this, then you are pretty good. I then started doing Visharad for three years which is equivalent to attaining a teacher’s qualification in music. I completed that in my 9th grade and used to give 6-7 hours each day to my practice. I am the first person in my family to venture into music, and therefore am a self-taught instrumentalist. I can play xylophone, harmonium, tabla, piano and guitar.

What does your process of music composition look like?

I usually do it on a piano, undecided if I will compose a particular tune in a day. When a tune occurs to me, in the next 15-20 mins, a song formulates. Sometimes, it does take me days, especially if a certain song has been left incomplete.  

How did music become a profession for you?

It was about 2 years ago, when I started to perform and get recognised. As I began getting paid for my talent, it became a profession. Prior to that, I was doing it for myself.

Please tell us about your recent achievement.

I received the Akhand Bharat Gaurav Award 2021 at Mumbai Global in Chandigarh on 21st October. The platform is about recognising the skill and talent of people across fields. I was presented this award by actress Jaya Pradaand actor Raj Pal Yadav. I initially came there to perform in the show but the award came as a welcome surprise for me.

Any anecdote that you would like to relate regarding music?

It happened 2 years ago when I found myself obsessivelyinvolved in music. I kept on playing some piano or instrument to practice as I wanted to create some really good music. I often started my sessions at 12 in the night and went on till 6 in the morning. It became a regular routine for me, and of course my body didn’t allow for this change. The doctors said that I could be suffering from insomnia but thankfully, that wasn’t the case. My family became very concerned about me, and then I learnt to balance my day accordingly.

What kind of songs impress you?

I go with the composition of the songs and particularly, AR Rahman’s music gets me going. I feel he defines music, and Hariharan, Shankar Mahadevan are also my favourites. ‘Tu hi re and ‘Roja Janeman are my go-to songs, these inspire me for my own work too. I myself try to create and experiment with different kinds of music.

How does life change after getting a million hits on YouTube?

Honestly, it makes no difference to me. But, as soon as more and more get to know you, it builds your profile as a singer.

Where would you place yourself in the Indian music scene?

I want to be a Hindi playback Bollywood singer and mastering good lyrics, composition, and melodious music will be my aim. For me, an ideal audience would be anyone who knows where they are going and what they want to listen to.

What would the music industry look like after 5 years, according to you?

I think we will go back to basics! Right now, Punjabi Music is leading Bollywood and these songs are party-specific and fast-moving. Audiences prefer these for sure but the value of true music will shine through in the coming years. Going forward, we would be catering to an intelligent audience who can appreciate talent.

What’s up next for you?

Toor-Ranjha, my upcoming song, will soon be launched on Zee in the next 60 days. A leading Punjabi model, Akansha Sareen would star in it with me.  

Your final advice to aspiring singers?

Stay strong and stay focused. There is a popular saying in Hindi which my guru ji taught me, ‘Kamyabi ke liye, insaan ki mehnat, rehmat aur kismet zaruri hoti hai.’ So,if anyone thinks that the path to success is to gain fame overnight, they are grossly mistaken. Success is an accumulation of years of practice, skill and talent.

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