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The teaching techniques at Apeejay Rhythms, Model Town, Jalandhar are mighty effective: Rajni Gupta



Rajni Gupta with her husband Dinesh Gupta and son Mivaan

Rajni Gupta is a homemaker while her husband Dinesh Gupta, is an accountant and runs his own business in Jalandhar. Their son, Mivaan Gupta, studies in UKG at Apeejay Rhythms, Model Town, Jalandhar. In an interview, she applauds the school’s role in bringing out the best in her son.

What made you pick Apeejay?
We visited a lot of schools for nursery admissions, but apart from Apeejay, each of them lacked personal warmth. The teachers and staff were extremely polite and effectively handled all our admission-related queries. Also, most of our relatives have got their children admitted in Apeejay and they vouched for the quality education being imparted in the school. We were also made aware of the emphasis given by the school on extracurricular activities. We couldn’t have picked a better school than Apeejay for Mivaan.

Tell us about the progress made by your child?
Due to Covid, Mivaan has not been able to attend school since his admission in LKG, but that has not stopped him from learning new things and developing his personality. Teachers have put in a lot of effort to make him understand every concept. After joining school, Mivan started reading simple sentences in English. His cursive writing is also impressive. He is also taught Coding, Yoga and Karate. I wonder why I didn’t admit Mivaan to Apeejay in Nursery itself. He could have improved even more.

Are you happy with the teachers?
Teachers are without a doubt the best thing about the school. The teaching techniques employed by them are mighty effective. Every month teachers introduce a new topic and teach it in a fun and interactive way. For example, Mivaan was taught about ‘My family’ and by the end of the month he was able to speak a few lines on the topic. His English-speaking skills have improved because of such exercises. Despite the limitations of online teaching, teachers ensure that every student understands what’s being taught in the class. I have never seen them lose their cool. They are available 24×7 to address the concerns of parents. Even Principal Ma’am gels really well with students. She also takes regular sessions with parents and advises them on how to contribute to the overall development of their children. She speaks so well that you feel like listening to her forever.

What other things do you like about the school?
The school celebrates all special days and festivals. This helps students build a strong cultural belief and develop respect and understanding for our customs and traditions. Recently, on Basant festival the school organised a kite-flying event and Baisakhi saw Bhangra and dhol performances. The festivals were celebrated adhering to strict Covid protocols. Even my relatives and friends admire the scale and perfection of school functions at Apeejay. Mivaan is eagerly waiting for the school to reopen.

Apeejay Rhythms, Model Town is the best school in Jalandhar. The infrastructure is fantastic, teachers are great and the school has all the necessary facilities. We are 100 per cent satisfied with the school.

-Rajni Gupta

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