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‘The teachers at Apeejay, School, Noida, create an emotional connection with the students’

Mrs. Ratibha Chadha, mother of Apeejay Noida students Anushka and Anaisha Choudhury, explains how the teachers go the extra mile for students



Mrs. Ratibha Chadha is the Manager at Accenture Strategy and Consulting. Her daughters Ms. Anushka and Anaisha Choudhary are class six and kindergarten students at Apeejay Noida respectively. In an interview, Mrs. Chadha says the facilities of the school and the quality of the faculty are extremely impressive. Edited excerpts:   

Why did you choose Apeejay Noida over other schools for the admission of both your daughters?

When we were researching about schools, we came across Apeejay Noida and found that the school had a good academic record. The school is near our home as well. We also knew some alumni from the school and noticed that they were doing very well in their lives.

Our elder daughter Anushka is doing very well at the school. She has been groomed up very well by her teachers. There is an overall development in her be it in academics or extra-curricular activities. The faculty supports her a lot. All these reasons attributed us to enroll our younger child in the same institute as well.

Please tell us a bit about your daughters and take us through their progress at school?

Anushka is academically very good.  She is heavily into reading. One can leave her with books and she can happily spend the entire day reading. Harry Potter is her all-time favourite book. At times, one has to take the book away from her. She is a Potter-head (laughs) She is currently reading The Hobbit by J. R. R.  Tolkien. At school she enjoys tennis and swimming.

Anaisha has not yet been to the school physically. She is looking forward to going back to school. We only recently visited the school to meet the teachers for the bus route confirmations. Anaisha was excited about going to the school, seeing the playground and meeting her teachers.

Are the teachers engaging well with the students?

The way the faculty is teaching is very nice. All the topics like evaporation, condensation are absolutely clear to Anaisha. The teachers explain the subjects very well. They have also made a very good emotional connection, a deep bonding with the students. I will give you an example. We were at the school last week. When we were about to leave, Anaisha had such an expression of love in her eyes. She had that emotional connection.  Her teacher, Ms. Prachi Bhatnagar had only joined in the middle of the session around October but within such a short period of time, she has made such a profound impression on the child. I could see the love and the bonding between the two.

What is the best thing about the school?

There are two things. First, the school has very good sports facilities including a big playground. The second is its faculty and the smooth transition that I saw in the change of the teacher which happened over a weekend. Many parents were apprehensive over the fact of the change of the teacher. They believed that young kids won’t be able to adapt very easily. But the teacher created such a good bonding that the change was very smooth. 

 How has the experience of the online classes been?

It has been great. I am a working mother, so it was a big task. When your children go to school,it is then that you have your space to do the work. But managing both the fronts, with the online schooling is a challenge for me. But it is also a challenge for the faculty. The faculty is under the constant observation of the parents. However, they were so nice and they gave attention to all the kids in the class.

 The online mode was difficult for all but the parents, teachers and students have learned so well. I see that even the tiny tots have learned how to mark the attendance online successfully. Everybody has learned through that phase and emerged successful together.  

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