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‘The teachers at Apeejay Model Town never abandon a student’

Dr Jaspreet Kaur, mother of Apeejay Model Town students Ekambir Singh and Simarbir Kaur appreciates the selfless service of the teachers



Dr. Jaspreet Kaur is a general physician and her husband Dr. Harmeet Singh is a diabetologist. The doctor couple works at a government dispensary in Jalandhar. They are proud parents of Apeejay Model Town class 1 and 7 students Ekambir Singh and Simarbir Kaur respectively. In an informal interview, Dr. Kaur appreciates the efforts of the teachers in providing a mother-like warmth and reassurance to the students. Edited excerpts:

Why did you choose Apeejay School Model Town for the admission of both your children?

When I was searching for a good school for my daughter, I found only two top schools in Jalandhar. I noticed that Apeejay School, Model Town had a wider focus on the co-curricular activities as well as on the academic front. The school ensures the overall development of the student and thus we preferred to enroll our daughter here. On the academic front the school is very solid. This is the advantage which Apeejay Model Town has over other schools.

Please tell us a bit about Ekambir and Simarbir and take us through their progress at school?

Simarbir loves to play basketball at school. She is good in all the subjects but she is strongest in science (born in a family of doctors, after all) . I feel this is also the case since she has received good teachers in Science and Math. She likes drawing a lot. Some of her drawings were posted in the newsroom website under the talent treasure section as well.

Ekambir is a very active child. He loves to play and likes to play badminton and football the most. He likes Math and Hindi among his subjects.

Are the teachers engaging well with the students?

Ekambir was not very comfortable rejoining the school after the online classes. He was not able to adjust smoothly. Sinia Ma’am took such great care of him. She would personally take care of the child and soothe the troubled child. I feel that it is a great ability, I say this as a mother. Earlier my boy would cry every day before going to school. Now he feels much settled. Harminder  Ma’am, Rajinder  Ma’am and all of Simarbir’s teachers are very good as well. Simar, due to the able guidance received from her teachers, is part of the school cabinet as the cultural captain.

What is the best thing about the school?

I like the staff the most. The teachers are always ready to help the parents and are very approachable as well. During the online classes they gave us a lot of time. We as parents could call them anytime with any query. Neither in Apeejay Rhythms nor in Apeejay Model Town,  was it ever the case that the teachers would reply with irritation. Now in the offline mode as well, the teachers are always there to help the parents in any manner possible.

How was the experience of the online classes for both the children?

Simarbir enjoys going to the school a lot. It was torturous for her to remain at home as the school remained shut during the pandemic. But then as the school started with the online classes she got accustomed to the new set up. The teachers managed the online classes so well. Simarbir missed her teachers the most.

It was difficult for the younger kids in the online classes as they had to sit in front of the screen for long hours. However, the teachers had a great task ahead of them. They had solutions for all the situations and took care of the kids like their own. The teachers at Apeejay Model Town never abandon a student.

 Now that the schools have reopened, are Ekambir and Simarbir happy to be back at the school?

Yes. They are more than happy. Simar is so eager to rush to the school in the morning and Ekambir has also settled by now. 

Arijit Roy is a young correspondent at Apeejay Newsroom. He has done his masters in English literature from Delhi University and has a book of poems published by Writers Workshop India. He can be reached at [email protected]