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The teachers at Apeejay are always polite and cooperative: Ankur Sharma



Ankur Sharma with his son Aarav

Ankur Sharma is a 33-year-old mother who devotes her entire time and energy to her son Aarav Mohit Arora, a student at Rhythms Kinderworld, Apeejay in Model Town, Jalandhar. Her husband is a businessman and the couple lives in a nuclear family. She discusses the lessons that her son has imbibed at school and the importance of online learning.

Please tell us a little more about your son?

Aarav is in UKG right now. He is slightly mischievous and very playful. He loves to make friends.  But he is very sincere and an obedient child. He is naughty but his naughtiness doesn’t make you angry. He is quite studious and very responsible for his age.  Sometimes I, being a mother, feel that he is very special. He is responsible if you give him some work. He will finish it in the given time.

Why did you choose Rhythms Kinderworld for your son?

I am also an Apeejay alumnus. Also, the school is within walking distance from my residence. Being part of the Apeejay family I know the faculty and understand how the teachers make students learn and shine bright. Being brought up in the same family, I wanted my son to also be part of it.

Your feedback on the table manners being taught to your child?

The teachers have been teaching table manners to kids since the beginning. The kids have to place the plate properly. They teach them hygiene and eating etiquette. Children know that they should not talk while eating, and chew properly. The best thing is that each and every child is eating and none of the parents complain that their child hasn’t finished the lunch.  The teachers do not encourage junk food in the tiffin boxes.

How do you view the teachers here?

The teachers are very polite and calm. No matter how many times you ask them the same question, they will come up with a better explanation.  In the virtual meets, there are parents who ask very simple and silly questions, but the teachers remain calm and composed while answering these with a smile.

Has Aarav developed a bond with his teachers?

Yes, he shares a great bond with them. Even in Nursery, he talked to that teacher as well. If Ma’am is there in the zoom meeting, he tries to interact and ma’am also reciprocates the same.

How comfortable is Aarav with virtual classes?

Yes, he enjoys virtual classes. There are lots of things which I learnt that were not known to me. The teachers have adopted an effective learning process in which the child grasps everything. They make learning easy unlike in our times when our mom used to slap us for our mistakes or to make us learn something. As a parent, I am really happy with virtual classes.  

What is his reaction to the lockdown compelled by the pandemic?

There is not a vast change that I could see in his behaviour. I take him to the football classes in the evening with proper precautions. He is missing school a lot since he had opted for skating classes. I keep him busy. He helps me with the household work, I give him colouring. I make him read books. I spend most of the time with him so that he doesn’t get bored. There is no free time left for him.

I want him to develop a reading habit as this is the proper age. Once he develops this habit, he will never be alone.  

“Being an alumnus myself, I have complete trust in Apeejay ”

-Ankur sharma

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