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The spirit to overcome any obstacles



By Rushil Mohan

In the early 18th century, France was sweeping a fierce revolution. The monarchs were anxious about the spread of revolutions in their homeland, and not wanting to lose the crown, they tried their best to curb the revolution.

But amidst all the bloodshed stood a man, who cushioned the revolution from getting diminished. The illustrious military general Napolean Bonaparte, with his musings, focused on exquisite military strategies, he wreaked havoc on the foes of revolution. However, during the vicious battle of the 1st Coalition, the young corporal was in a rock and a hard place.

In the ensuing battles, Napoleon overpowered his Austrian counterparts and they retreated. As they retreated both forces garrisoned at different positions. One brigade fortified themselves behind the Piedmonts of Alps, and one up the Italian Peninsula. Though the Italian Peninsula was easy to traverse, Napolean did not want to ruin the element of surprise and so he ordered to climb the steep cliff. But the journey wasn’t going to be a bed of roses as it was rumoured to be the mountain of doom. Anyone who climbed it never came back. However, that could not deter the aspirations of the young man.

As he moved with his gargantuan army, he came across an old lady who cautioned him about the mountain and its myths. Napolean, on hearing this thanked the lady, and while giving a diamond necklace, he said, “Predicaments and tribulations motivate me more to gain affluence.” On seeing the perseverance of the General, the lady wished him good luck, though Napoleon was confident to cross the Alps, his army was having cold toes upon hearing the tale of this perilous journey.

They pleaded Napolean to go to the Italian Peninsula instead, but he didn’t agree and tried to persuade them to climb fearlessly. He said, “Soldiers, when we reach the Alps you can decide if we want to go ahead, I will tell you when the mountain comes.” The soldiers were satiated with this and  began the journey. Time to time the soldiers asked if they have reached the Alps but Napoleon would nod in no. Then came a huge cliff and the soldiers were affirmative that it was the Alps, but Napoleon said that the Alps would be a lot Ginormous than this. After climbing the high cliff, the soldiers again enquired  about the Alps. With a smile the general said, “We have crossed them”.

The soldiers looked perplexed. Napolean explained that the huge cliff was the Alps and we had just crossed the mountain without being downtrodden by its rocky terrain. The soldiers couldn’t believe their eyes. They had overcome the odds and with this new profound motivation, they fought dauntlessly on the battlefield and annihilated the enemy.

The lesson is: whether it’s a mountain of life or any other challenge, perseverance, determination and motivation always help you in your trials and tribulations.

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