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‘The infrastructure, hostel facilities and faculty at AIMETC are excellent’

Mr Ajay Kumar Dubey, father of AIMETC student Aadeesh Kumar Dubey, says that the college is shaping his son’s intellect in a holistic manner



Mr. Ajay Kumar Dubey, Headmaster of the high school at Nachilana, Education Department, Jammu, is very happy that his son is an Apeejay student. His son, Aadeesh Kumar Dubey is an Apeejay Institute of Management and Engineering Technical Campus (AIMETC) first year MBA student. In an informal interview, Mr. Dubey lists his reasons for choosing the college, mentions his son’s interest in playing the guitar and highlights the disciplined environment at the AIMETC hostel. Edited excerpts:

Why did you choose AIMETC over other colleges for Aadeesh’s admission?

I was initially interested in getting Aadeesh enrolled in another university. But that university had a very high fee structure and I also got to know later that the campus environment there is not very nice. It was then that one of my friends, who is also a teacher, told me about AIMETC and suggested that I enroll Aadeesh there. He gave me a very good review about AIMETC. I told Aadeesh about the same and he researched about AIMETC, the fee structure, syllabus and all other relevant details over the internet. He found everything to be very good. Some of Aadeesh’s friends had also studied at AIMETC and many of them are doing very well in life. One of his friends secured a very high placement in a bank. So I felt very reassured and chose AIMETC for Aadeesh.

Please tell us a bit about Aadeesh and take us through his progress at the AIMETC campus?

Aadeesh’s main hobby is singing. He also plays the guitar very well. He sings and plays a lot of modern songs of contemporary singers whose names I do not know (laughs). He has a lot of videos on YouTube as well.

I can say he has a dashing personality. Though initially, he was a bit shy and reserved in nature. He has recently been selected for an internship along with 30 other students from his class. He will also be getting a handsome stipend for the same. This has given a huge boost to his personality.   He also recently secured the first position in a presentation at the campus. He is performing very well. His first semester exams also went well. The results will come out soon and we will get to know more about his academic performance.

Are the teachers engaging and supporting the students well?

I ask Aadeesh the same and he tells me that the teachers are teaching very well. I had gone to the college during the admission period and had met a few of his teachers. They seemed very nice, they were very polite and well behaved. So, I don’t have any complaints.

What is the best thing about AIMETC? 

Actually, most of the classes have happened online so far. The physical classes have only recently begun. Yet, Aadeesh tells me that the campus environment is nice, his friends circle is healthy. The dean also stays on campus. He keeps an eye on all the students. The college teachers call and inform the parents when the student leaves for home.Aadeesh stays in the campus hostel. There is a good spirit of discipline in the hostel. The college mess is very good. Aadeesh also goes to the gym on campus. There are proper sports facilities available.

How has the experience of the online classes been so far?

It was very good. The online classes coincided with my winter break, so I was at home and was able to observe Aadeesh taking the online classes. The classes took place timely, Aadeesh interacted well in the class, asked and

Arijit Roy is a young correspondent at Apeejay Newsroom. He has done his masters in English literature from Delhi University and has a book of poems published by Writers Workshop India. He can be reached at [email protected].