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Apeejay School, Mahavir Marg has made my children more outspoken and expressive: Dr Shagun Rana



Dr. Shagun Rana with her husband Dr. Vivek Rana and daughters Vanshika (L) and Samaira

Dr. Shagun Rana is a consultant radiologist with the Lajwanti and Innocent Hearts Multispeciality Hospital in Jalandhar, while her husband, Dr. Vivek Rana, is a consultant cardiologist with Innocent Hearts Multispeciality. The couple has two daughters, Vanshika and Samaira. The former is in class 1 while the latter is studying in LKG of Apeejay School, Mahavir Marg. In an interview, she explains how the school’s emphasis on extracurricular activities has helped her children.

What made you pick Apeejay?
My husband is an alumnus of Apeejay School, Mahavir Marg. That’s why, picking Apeejay over others was a no-brainer. The school is also located near our place of residence.

How has the school contributed to your children’s development?
The school conducts a wide range of interesting activities that help in the holistic development of children. Even during online classes, teachers are putting in extra effort to interact with each and every student. The teachers have brought the students out of their cocoons. Children are encouraged to freely voice their opinions on various topics. This helps boost their confidence and dispel the fear of public speaking. The constant interaction also expands their vocabulary and improves their personality. I have seen remarkable improvement in my children. The school encourages students to give speeches on various topics. This really helps children to open up. Initially, Samaira was very shy, but over time she has become more outspoken and expressive. All credit for this must go to teachers who encourage students to express themselves in English. For example, the students are shown a picture and asked to speak on it. Taking part in such interactive activities over a period of time will surely do students a world of good.

Is the school giving emphasis on extracurricular activities?
As you know, extracurricular activities enhance a child’s development. For example, art and music classes promote fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. I am glad that the school is concentrating on all types of extracurricular activities. It’s also emphasising the importance of physical activity by conducting weekly yoga classes.

How satisfied are you with online teaching?
Teachers are putting their best foot forward. It’s not possible for working parents to be around their children at the time of online classes, but teachers have ensured that even without the company of parents, children fully grasp what’s being taught. Moreover, parents can easily reach out to teachers. I have noticed that teachers of other schools send pre-recorded videos of classes. This hampers the student-teacher engagement. Another thing I like about teachers here is that they don’t move on to the next topic until and unless everyone in the class has understood the current topic. Still, if there’s a student who is having trouble understanding a particular topic, teachers don’t hesitate to spend extra time with the child after the class.

Please share with us your most memorable moment.
On Doctors’ Day, the school organised a special event to honour doctors and my husband and I were invited as special guests. It was really a heart-touching gesture. In these challenging times, it feels nice to get a note of appreciation from the general public. The students designed handmade cards for us.  

“It really has been a pleasant experience till now. There are so many parents who have enrolled their kids in Apeejay based on my feedback. They could clearly see the satisfaction on my face.”

Dr. Shagun Rana

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