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‘Teachers in this Faridabad school are very experienced in handling small children’

Dr Sanket Singh Ponia says his daughter, who is in nursery at Apeejay Faridabad, does not want to skip school even for a single day



“I am really happy we chose Apeejay,” says Dr Sanket Singh Ponia, who returned to India from the US last year and enrolled daughter Bhamini Prathamvir in Apeejay Faridabad Sector 15. Thanks to the teachers, the nursery student has had a smooth cultural transition, says the father, who works as Team Manager-Immunology Department, NextGen InVitro Diagnostics (P) Ltd (NGIVD), a part of Regional Centre for Biotechnology. In an interview, he shares how the teachers and the school principal reassured him about his daughter’s progress. Read on:

What were your criteria for picking a school? Why did you choose Apeejay Faridabad Sector 15?

Bhamini was born in the US where she was enrolled in daycare at two months of age. She continued there till the age of three before we moved to India last year.  So, I was looking for a school where she could continue the same style of learning—where there is no undue pressure on the child and the transition is smooth. I wanted a school where the core values and vision were in line with what she was used to. Apeejay Faridabad Sector 15 turned out to be the right choice.

Besides, when we moved back to India, my sister, who is a teacher in a government school, recommended Apeejay for my daughter.

What was your initial interaction with the school faculty like during admission?

The admission process was smooth. Following the application process, we got a call from the school staff who answered all our queries. Later my wife and I were called in for an interview with the school principal. Initially, we were of the opinion that our daughter should be enrolled in KG instead of nursery since she was eligible age-wise. However, the principal changed our mindset and made us realise that there was no need to put unnecessary pressure on Bhamini just to save an academic year. That was very reassuring for us. I was very impressed by her advice.

Although Bhamini has been to school for a short while, are you noticing any visible progress in her?

Bhamini went to school for a month or so before the summer vacation started. The good thing is that she is happy. She is taking it easy. This is way more important than achieving certain milestones. She wants to be in school every single day, which goes to show how comfortable she has become in the new environment.

Would you say the teachers use age-appropriate methods to explain concepts to kids?

The school has well-qualified, experienced teachers, who know very well how to handle such small children. I was a little skeptical about whether Bhamini would be able to cope. But when I shared my concerns with the class teacher, she assured me that my daughter would be well taken care of, and I saw that actually happening. The teacher’s confidence was very comforting to me. Bhamini adjusted very well and did not have any major problems. I am really thankful to the school and the Apeejay management.

Do you have regular interaction with the teachers?

The WhatsApp community with the teachers has proved to be very helpful. The teachers reply promptly and are proactive in explaining what she is hoping to get out of the parents and the child.

Disha Roy Choudhury is a Principal Correspondent at Apeejay Newsroom. She has worked as a journalist at different media organisations. She is also passionate about music and has participated in reality shows.