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Strive to win, whatever it takes



 “A quitter never wins and a winner never quits”  — Vince Lombardi, American football coach

Who says that an achiever always wins and can never lose? And, if they lose, they get demotivated?

You might come across circumstances in which many a time, you will get demotivated and feel hopeless. You would want to relax after you face failures and in those circumstances, only a few people would not lose sight of their goal and keep moving forward. They will refuel their energy and will be ready to take a successful flight after a crash landing.

Everyone likes the flower rose but nobody likes its thorns. Even in the market while buying roses, people ask the florist to chop the thorns because they want perfection, so much so, that they have forgotten the importance of facing obstacles in life. Life is not a bed of roses, it’s full of thorns or, in other words, challenges.

These troubles may look very depressing, but if they are dealt with bravely, these would give you very valuable lessons. Thomas Alva Edison didn’t invent the electric bulb in a single day. He worked day and night for it and didn’t stop till he achieved his goal.

I would conclude by highlighting that giving up during your struggle is easy but if you continue to race despite challenges, it is excellence. This is what winners are known for. Be inspired and don’t quit. This can be summarised it through the saying: Mann Ke Haare Haar Hai, Mann Ke Jeetey Jeet  (If your mind believes in failure, it will happen. If it believes in victory that too will happen.)

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