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Scholar-Journalist of the Week: The Haunted Apartment

This week’s winner, Aditya Amar Bodhi is inspired by real-life situations for his writing



A student of class 7 at Apeejay School, Noida, Aditya Amar Bodhi aspires to become an entrepreneur. Combining his talent for writing and entrepreneurship, he has recently come up with a comic club in collaboration with school friends. His business idea is one-of-its kind and exciting. Read On:

What is your inspiration?

I love reading books. Most of my writing ideas come from the different genres I read. ‘Harry Potter’ series and books written on Greek mythology interest me very much. I have also read ‘Ramayana’ and ‘Mahabharata’ and the stories fascinated me a lot.

How did you come up with the piece – The Haunted Apartment?

It is a horror story drawn from a real-time account. In our apartments, there is a block in which a man was killed many years ago. Some people even believe that his soul still resides there. That was my inspiration to write the piece in the form of a fiction story. I found different peoples’ narratives on the same thing very interesting. It simply stimulated my curiosity.

Please tell us about your writing process.  

I recall having a session on Scholar-Journalist by Apeejay Newsroom. In the discussions, I learnt that I could write on any theme and submit my work for publishing on the website. After that, I sat to write my piece down and in about 1-2 weeks my draft was ready. I showed it to my parents and peers and they appreciated my work very much. They further encouraged me to keep writing more such stories.

What is your career aspiration?

I want to become an entrepreneur

Any business idea or company you look up to?

Only a few days ago, I along with four of my school friends came up with an idea to create and sell comics. We have collaborated and started a club namely ‘Comic Code Authority’ in which we wish to create comic books based on real-time situations. One of us, Ayaan, is a talented illustrator, who will help us with the graphics. We have chosen comics because they are relatable and quick to read.

Your writing tip for fellow classmates?

Observe situations and instances around you. They can become a potential story idea.

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