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Scholar-Journalist of the week: Back to school in the post-pandemic world

This week’s winner Rakshitaa Prabhakar is a first-time writer



A class 10 student at Apeejay School Faridabad Sector-15, Rakshitaa Prabhakar’s stint with writing began when her Home Science teacher encouraged her to pen down her thoughts. Little did Rakshitaa know that her efforts would earn her massive viewership, applause and a ‘by line’ for her original work. In an interview, the talented student shares her experience. Read On:    

How did your write-up come about?

This was the first time I put to paper my personal experiences. My teacher in the school, Ms. Sheena Ahuja Ma’am informed me about Apeejay Newsroom’s Scholar-Journalist initiative. She encouraged me and so, I thought I must give it a try.

What changes have you observed since you returned to the school campus?

Apeejay School, Faridabad has really worked towards our social, emotional and educational needs during Covid-19. Post the pandemic too, the school is working towards delivering the best. They have upped their academic level since our return, and also put in place better infrastructure and facilities. I love being at school. It just makes me happy!

Which part of going to school is most exciting for you?

The lunch breaks! I also love to interact with my teachers and be part of the physical classes.

Which extra-curricular activities are you part of in the school?

I am an active member of the Interact Club. Last week, we visited a school for the underprivileged students in Faridabad to deliver our old books. I felt very happy to meet those students and converse with them. We also launched an anti-crackers campaign from the school during Diwali last year. These experiences have been very fulfilling for me.

Do you like to read?

I love reading fiction books and comics! An all-time favourite of mine would be ‘The Invisible Man.’

Your tips for fellow students wanting to write well?

When I began writing, I didn’t think much about it – so as to will it be a good piece? Will I be able to express myself fully? I just wrote it! In the process, I learnt that I can write. After it was published on the website, many teachers complimented me and I felt elated. For my classmates and fellow students, I would say that they must give it a try! 

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