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Talent Treasure

‘Pain!’: Poem by Aakifah Khan, Apeejay School, Nerul



Oh dear, you are present in everyone’s life
With you I thrive,
You make me suffer through all my veins,
You are the one and only,

Oh! Pain you make me
Cry badly,
And make me feel tired of my life so early.
Sometimes I feel you,
And sometimes I want to stay away from you,
I know you can’t leave me,
Because you also miss me.

In my mind, I have a question,
Are you the sibling of gravity and friction?
It never leaves the surface,
Just like you never leave my existence.

Oh! Dear pain,
I really need to gain
The strength to face you,
For I have had enough of you!

By Aakifah Khan
Class: 6-A